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Match Details

Last updated Monday 23rd April, 2018
Match 1
Lee Collis4116Wayne Racey
Lee Collis5837Wayne Racey
Mike Lucey2748Mark Head
Mike Lucey989Mark Head
John Collis2349Steve Cobb
John Collis2456Steve Cobb
Rob Hill3150Paul Godwin
Rob Hill4643Paul Godwin
Player of the match: Lee Collis
Match 2
ESP A17Crucible S&S Club
Greg Neil1653Mark Alexander
Greg Neil5090Mark Alexander
Paul Thomas1574Andrew Bolter
Paul Thomas2268Andrew Bolter
Phil Craik983Chris Rice
Phil Craik985Chris Rice
Shaun Amor656Paul Davis
Shaun Amor5742Paul Davis
Player of the match: Chris Rice
Match 3
Document House53Southern Comforts
Neil Winkworth8550Sean O Shea
Neil Winkworth7856Sean O Shea
Wayne Brunsden6543Stephen Miles
Wayne Brunsden7043Stephen Miles
Dale Prout7855Pat Patel
Dale Prout4768Pat Patel
Phil Simmons288Paul Crutchley
Phil Simmons4860Paul Crutchley
Player of the match: Paul Crutchley
Match 4
Newb Cons Club62Castle A
Simon Wilson847Rob East
Simon Wilson1562Rob East
David Aitken5929Roy Young
David Aitken5815Roy Young
George Apperley6516Pat Shaw
George Apperley7942Pat Shaw
Mike Paduano6356Rob Thomson
Mike Paduano4642Rob Thomson
Player of the match: Mike Paduano
Match 5
Shaw Raiders62Good Bad & Ugly
Mike Ainsworth4948Mark Brewin
Mike Ainsworth6119Mark Brewin
Mike Parry3769Matt Colley
Mike Parry4449Matt Colley
Mark Dunn5716Norman Byng
Mark Dunn5718Norman Byng
Bob Low5947Andy Fair
Bob Low5445Andy Fair
Player of the match: Bob Low
Match 6
The OddBalls62Shaw Savages
Matthew Fyffe5225Sean Moxon
Matthew Fyffe4819Sean Moxon
Macauley Fyffe2056Stephen Vallance
Macauley Fyffe4455Stephen Vallance
Rob Marks5514James Bunting
Rob Marks5239James Bunting
Sam Storey5040Adrian Richardson
Sam Storey6635Adrian Richardson
Player of the match: Stephen Vallance
Match 7
Castle A44Southern Comforts
Rob Thomson3874Paul Crutchley
Rob Thomson1297Paul Crutchley
Roy Young4333James Hearne
Roy Young6052James Hearne
Lee Gillingham1850Pat Patel
Lee Gillingham3555Pat Patel
Rob East5748Stephen Miles
Rob East5142Stephen Miles
Player of the match: Paul Crutchley
Match 8
Crucible S&S Club80Shaw Raiders
Chris Rice9018Mike Ainsworth
Chris Rice1011Mike Ainsworth
Craig Marsh7912Brian Leonard
Craig Marsh771Brian Leonard
Andrew Bolter6521John Apicella
Andrew Bolter5915John Apicella
Mark Alexander5130Mark Dunn
Mark Alexander5040Mark Dunn
Player of the match: Chris Rice
Match 9
Paul Godwin6711Greg Neil
Paul Godwin4814Greg Neil
Richard Aldred3143Phil Craik
Richard Aldred5819Phil Craik
Wayne Racey558Paul Thomas
Wayne Racey3056Paul Thomas
Mark Head4349Shaun Amor
Mark Head4547Shaun Amor
Player of the match: Paul Godwin
Match 10
Good Bad & Ugly53ADC
Andy Fair5722Mike Lucey
Andy Fair6215Mike Lucey
Norman Byng5733Rob Hill
Norman Byng4143Rob Hill
Mark Brewin4132John Collis
Mark Brewin5416John Collis
Matt Colley1157Lee Collis
Matt Colley856Lee Collis
Player of the match: Lee Collis
Match 11
Shaw Savages26Document House
Stephen Vallance1546Dale Prout
Stephen Vallance1764Dale Prout
James Bunting13110Neil Winkworth
James Bunting1165Neil Winkworth
Adrian Richardson966Andy "Harry" Upton
Adrian Richardson1861Andy "Harry" Upton
Sean Moxon4230Wayne Brunsden
Sean Moxon4833Wayne Brunsden
Player of the match: Sean Moxon
Match 12
The OddBalls44Newb Cons Club
Rob Marks1373David Aitken
Rob Marks4736David Aitken
Macauley Fyffe5235Mike Paduano
Macauley Fyffe3648Mike Paduano
Tony Lyles847Andrew Seymour
Tony Lyles3669Andrew Seymour
Sam Storey5027George Apperley
Sam Storey6055George Apperley
Player of the match: Sam Storey
Match 13
Castle A35ESP B
Dennis Doswell3248Steve Cobb
Dennis Doswell3976Steve Cobb
Lee Gillingham4737Richard Aldred
Lee Gillingham5421Richard Aldred
Roy Young2448Paul Godwin
Roy Young1649Paul Godwin
Nick Greetham1353Mark Head
Nick Greetham4037Mark Head
Player of the match: Paul Godwin
Match 14
ESP A35Good Bad & Ugly
Greg Neil2262Norman Byng
Greg Neil5155Norman Byng
Paul Thomas4236Andy Fair
Paul Thomas2050Andy Fair
Shaun Amor2944Mark Brewin
Shaun Amor6233Mark Brewin
Phil Craik4045Matt Colley
Phil Craik4131Matt Colley
Player of the match: Norman Byng
Match 15
Document House80Shaw Raiders
Neil Winkworth7237Mike Parry
Neil Winkworth947Mike Parry
Andy "Harry" Upton7019John Apicella
Andy "Harry" Upton696John Apicella
Dale Prout755Brian Leonard
Dale Prout8112Brian Leonard
Phil Simmons5232Bob Low
Phil Simmons6418Bob Low
Player of the match: Neil Winkworth
Match 16
Newb Cons Club53Southern Comforts
Mike Paduano6618Stephen Miles
Mike Paduano6252Stephen Miles
George Apperley7134Alex Hutchinson
George Apperley6958Alex Hutchinson
David Aitken7034Sean O Shea
David Aitken1457Sean O Shea
Robin Rawlings1546Paul Crutchley
Robin Rawlings1352Paul Crutchley
Player of the match: George Apperley
Match 17
Shaw Savages08Crucible S&S Club
James Bunting689Mark Alexander
James Bunting569Mark Alexander
Stephen Vallance881Paul Davis
Stephen Vallance2343Paul Davis
Sean Moxon1453Andrew Bolter
Sean Moxon2664Andrew Bolter
Adrian Richardson586Chris Rice
Adrian Richardson2450Chris Rice
Player of the match: Mark Alexander
Match 18
The OddBalls53ADC
Matthew Fyffe5836Lee Collis
Matthew Fyffe5519Lee Collis
Macauley Fyffe1864Rob Hill
Macauley Fyffe5430Rob Hill
Tony Lyles2448John Collis
Tony Lyles4952John Collis
Sam Storey5535Mike Lucey
Sam Storey6224Mike Lucey
Player of the match: Macauley Fyffe
Match 19
ADC17Castle A
Mike Lucey5636Lee Gillingham
Mike Lucey3654Lee Gillingham
Rob Hill2551Rob East
Rob Hill1442Rob East
John Collis5562Rob Thomson
John Collis2560Rob Thomson
Player of the match: Mike Lucey
Match 20
Crucible S&S Club62Newb Cons Club
Craig Marsh8418Mike Paduano
Craig Marsh9449Mike Paduano
Chris Rice6314David Aitken
Chris Rice4667David Aitken
Mark Alexander6435Robin Rawlings
Mark Alexander6918Robin Rawlings
Andrew Bolter5642Andrew Seymour
Andrew Bolter1957Andrew Seymour
Player of the match: David Aitken
Match 21
ESP B71Shaw Savages
Wayne Racey3562Adrian Richardson
Wayne Racey697Adrian Richardson
Tim Page4330Stephen Vallance
Tim Page4528Stephen Vallance
Paul Godwin4222James Bunting
Paul Godwin5615James Bunting
Mark Head6848Sean Moxon
Mark Head6111Sean Moxon
Player of the match: Tim Page
Match 22
Good Bad & Ugly26Document House
Jason Byng2361Dale Prout
Jason Byng3763Dale Prout
Norman Byng2265Neil Winkworth
Norman Byng1674Neil Winkworth
Matt Colley674Jonjo Sharkey
Matt Colley4546Jonjo Sharkey
Mark Brewin5744Phil Simmons
Mark Brewin569Phil Simmons
Player of the match: Jonjo Sharkey
Match 23
Shaw Raiders35The OddBalls
Mike Ainsworth758Rob Marks
Mike Ainsworth4352Rob Marks
Mark Dunn2947Tony Lyles
Mark Dunn6720Tony Lyles
Mike Parry4639Macauley Fyffe
Mike Parry5348Macauley Fyffe
Brian Leonard2059Matthew Fyffe
Brian Leonard2862Matthew Fyffe
Player of the match: Mike Parry
Match 24
Southern Comforts35ESP A
Paul Crutchley6546Paul Thomas
Paul Crutchley3947Paul Thomas
Stephen Miles457Dan Lawerence
Stephen Miles2660Dan Lawerence
Pat Patel3651Greg Neil
Pat Patel4253Greg Neil
Alex Hutchinson4352Shaun Amor
Alex Hutchinson6621Shaun Amor
Player of the match: Paul Thomas
Match 25
Crucible S&S Club53Document House
Craig Marsh2375Jonjo Sharkey
Craig Marsh5459Jonjo Sharkey
Mark Alexander8919Phil Simmons
Mark Alexander8910Phil Simmons
Chris Rice5949Dale Prout
Chris Rice5316Dale Prout
Andrew Bolter2263Neil Winkworth
Andrew Bolter6329Neil Winkworth
Player of the match: Mark Alexander
Match 26
ESP A62Shaw Savages
Paul Thomas6944Eric Roden
Paul Thomas3645Eric Roden
Dan Lawerence2546Stephen Vallance
Dan Lawerence5024Stephen Vallance
Greg Neil6322Adrian Richardson
Greg Neil659Adrian Richardson
Shaun Amor4829James Bunting
Shaun Amor502James Bunting
Player of the match: Eric Roden
Match 27
Good Bad & Ugly35Newb Cons Club
David Brown6652George Apperley
David Brown749George Apperley
Andy Fair3553David Aitken
Andy Fair2564David Aitken
Mark Brewin5143Mike Paduano
Mark Brewin5843Mike Paduano
Norman Byng4253Andrew Seymour
Norman Byng2468Andrew Seymour
Player of the match: David Aitken
Match 28
Shaw Raiders17ESP B
Mike Ainsworth1747Wayne Racey
Mike Ainsworth4463Wayne Racey
Mark Dunn5423Paul Godwin
Mark Dunn3442Paul Godwin
John Apicella2661Richard Aldred
John Apicella2354Richard Aldred
Mike Parry2755Mark Head
Mike Parry2685Mark Head
Player of the match: Wayne Racey
Match 29
Southern Comforts71ADC
Sarah Middleton5247Rob Hill
Sarah Middleton7763Rob Hill
James Hearne4716Lee Collis
James Hearne964Lee Collis
Sean O Shea4820John Collis
Sean O Shea5644John Collis
Paul Crutchley6334Mike Lucey
Paul Crutchley599Mike Lucey
Player of the match: Sarah Middleton
Match 30
The OddBalls71Castle A
Macauley Fyffe1068Rob East
Macauley Fyffe4034Rob East
Sam Storey6130Roy Young
Sam Storey5711Roy Young
Rob Marks4134Dennis Doswell
Rob Marks5524Dennis Doswell
Matthew Fyffe5432Rob Thomson
Matthew Fyffe4726Rob Thomson
Player of the match: Sam Storey
Match 31
Castle A53ESP A
Rob Thomson3349Dan Lawerence
Rob Thomson4021Dan Lawerence
Rob East5730Shaun Amor
Rob East8215Shaun Amor
Nick Greetham3254Greg Neil
Nick Greetham4433Greg Neil
Roy Young2841Phil Craik
Roy Young5247Phil Craik
Player of the match: Roy Young
Match 32
ESP B44The OddBalls
Steve Cobb5527Sam Storey
Steve Cobb6220Sam Storey
Wayne Racey2450Macauley Fyffe
Wayne Racey3732Macauley Fyffe
Richard Aldred5336Matthew Fyffe
Richard Aldred2941Matthew Fyffe
Mark Head3659Mike Mitchell
Mark Head1354Mike Mitchell
Player of the match: Mike Mitchell
Match 33
Good Bad & Ugly17Crucible S&S Club
Norman Byng3457Chris Rice
Norman Byng2377Chris Rice
Mark Brewin2356Andrew Bolter
Mark Brewin768Andrew Bolter
Matt Colley2466Neil Rampton
Matt Colley1667Neil Rampton
Andy Fair5727Paul Davis
Andy Fair3572Paul Davis
Player of the match: Neil Rampton
Match 34
Document House62Newb Cons Club
Neil Winkworth4456George Apperley
Neil Winkworth6324George Apperley
Jonjo Sharkey6033Robin Rawlings
Jonjo Sharkey6033Robin Rawlings
Dale Prout730Andrew Seymour
Dale Prout5733Andrew Seymour
Phil Simmons1151David Aitken
Phil Simmons5039David Aitken
Player of the match: Dale Prout
Match 35
Shaw Raiders26ADC
Brian Leonard4033John Collis
Brian Leonard3043John Collis
Mike Parry4149Mike Lucey
Mike Parry4163Mike Lucey
Mark Dunn2562Lee Collis
Mark Dunn5126Lee Collis
John Apicella2850Rob Hill
John Apicella3954Rob Hill
Player of the match: Mike Lucey
Match 36
Southern Comforts71Shaw Savages
Paul Crutchley7911Eric Roden
Paul Crutchley5328Eric Roden
Pat Patel2645Stephen Vallance
Pat Patel6013Stephen Vallance
Stephen Miles5548Sean Moxon
Stephen Miles5422Sean Moxon
Sean O Shea687Adrian Richardson
Sean O Shea8942Adrian Richardson
Player of the match: Sean O Shea
Match 37
ADC53Shaw Savages
Lee Collis4136Stephen Vallance
Lee Collis4317Stephen Vallance
John Collis5811James Bunting
John Collis4616James Bunting
Mike Lucey4736Sean Moxon
Mike Lucey2256Sean Moxon
Rob Hill2661Eric Roden
Rob Hill3555Eric Roden
Player of the match: Eric Roden
Match 38
Crucible S&S Club62Castle A
Andrew Bolter5767Rob Thomson
Andrew Bolter4963Rob Thomson
Chris Rice1084Nick Greetham
Chris Rice7122Nick Greetham
Mark Alexander7231Rob East
Mark Alexander6350Rob East
Paul Davis4424Pat Shaw
Paul Davis4023Pat Shaw
Player of the match: Rob Thomson
Match 39
ESP B71Good Bad & Ugly
Paul Godwin5334David Brown
Paul Godwin6410David Brown
Mark Head5843Norman Byng
Mark Head5634Norman Byng
Steve Cobb5344Andy Fair
Steve Cobb5245Andy Fair
Richard Aldred3765Mark Brewin
Richard Aldred5539Mark Brewin
Player of the match: Paul Godwin
Match 40
Newb Cons Club53ESP A
Mike Paduano4430Shaun Amor
Mike Paduano5658Shaun Amor
Robin Rawlings2045Paul Thomas
Robin Rawlings1753Paul Thomas
Andrew Seymour7412Phil Craik
Andrew Seymour6049Phil Craik
George Apperley5245Dan Lawerence
George Apperley5833Dan Lawerence
Player of the match: George Apperley
Match 41
Shaw Raiders08Southern Comforts
John Apicella3747Paul Crutchley
John Apicella3848Paul Crutchley
Brian Leonard2147James Hearne
Brian Leonard2633James Hearne
Mike Ainsworth4350Stephen Miles
Mike Ainsworth3744Stephen Miles
Mark Dunn4151Alex Hutchinson
Mark Dunn2570Alex Hutchinson
Player of the match: Stephen Miles
Match 42
The OddBalls26Document House
Tony Lyles1172Jonjo Sharkey
Tony Lyles5948Jonjo Sharkey
Sam Storey2055Neil Winkworth
Sam Storey1960Neil Winkworth
Mike Mitchell4963Wayne Brunsden
Mike Mitchell5646Wayne Brunsden
Rob Marks1654Dale Prout
Rob Marks886Dale Prout
Player of the match: Tony Lyles
Match 43
Castle A44Shaw Raiders
Rob Thomson5153Mark Dunn
Rob Thomson4834Mark Dunn
Rob East5217Mike Parry
Rob East6819Mike Parry
Lee Gillingham4220John Apicella
Lee Gillingham3950John Apicella
Roy Young4556Mike Ainsworth
Roy Young2661Mike Ainsworth
Player of the match: Mike Ainsworth
Match 44
Hannah Martin1746Rob Hill
Hannah Martin1049Rob Hill
Paul Thomas5438Mike Lucey
Paul Thomas3557Mike Lucey
Phil Craik5721John Collis
Phil Craik5827John Collis
Greg Neil5129Lee Collis
Greg Neil3446Lee Collis
Player of the match: Mike Lucey
Match 45
Good Bad & Ugly71The OddBalls
Norman Byng5147Matthew Fyffe
Norman Byng5740Matthew Fyffe
Mark Brewin5514Macauley Fyffe
Mark Brewin5024Macauley Fyffe
Andy Fair6350Tony Lyles
Andy Fair6023Tony Lyles
Jason Byng3873Duane Puttock
Jason Byng4239Duane Puttock
Player of the match: Norman Byng
Match 46
Document House62ESP B
Jonjo Sharkey6113Steve Cobb
Jonjo Sharkey4859Steve Cobb
Neil Winkworth6912Wayne Racey
Neil Winkworth6032Wayne Racey
Dale Prout9510Mark Head
Dale Prout9411Mark Head
Wayne Brunsden558Paul Godwin
Wayne Brunsden3853Paul Godwin
Player of the match: Dale Prout
Match 47
Shaw Savages26Newb Cons Club
Stephen Vallance3319Mike Paduano
Stephen Vallance2644Mike Paduano
Adrian Richardson551George Apperley
Adrian Richardson1255George Apperley
Eric Roden2847Simon Wilson
Eric Roden6440Simon Wilson
Sean Moxon857Andrew Seymour
Sean Moxon1988Andrew Seymour
Player of the match: George Apperley
Match 48
Southern Comforts08Crucible S&S Club
Stephen Miles1669Chris Rice
Stephen Miles1183Chris Rice
Sean O Shea2472Mark Alexander
Sean O Shea2362Mark Alexander
Sarah Middleton2071Andrew Bolter
Sarah Middleton2164Andrew Bolter
James Hearne3763Paul Davis
James Hearne283Paul Davis
Player of the match: Chris Rice
Match 49
ADC17Newb Cons Club
John Collis2041Mike Paduano
John Collis4961Mike Paduano
Rob Hill3167George Apperley
Rob Hill2766George Apperley
Lee Collis5442Andrew Seymour
Lee Collis1069Andrew Seymour
Player of the match: Lee Collis
Match 50
ESP B53Southern Comforts
Mark Head5034Paul Crutchley
Mark Head5743Paul Crutchley
Wayne Racey1752Stephen Miles
Wayne Racey1265Stephen Miles
Steve Cobb623Sean O Shea
Steve Cobb6231Sean O Shea
Tim Page2459James Hearne
Tim Page4427James Hearne
Player of the match: Mark Head
Match 51
Good Bad & Ugly71Shaw Savages
Andy Fair5243Eric Roden
Andy Fair5023Eric Roden
Mark Brewin2540Stephen Vallance
Mark Brewin6936Stephen Vallance
Norman Byng5229Sean Moxon
Norman Byng6643Sean Moxon
David Brown5940Adrian Richardson
David Brown6723Adrian Richardson
Player of the match: Andy Fair
Match 52
Document House80Castle A
Jonjo Sharkey6038Lee Gillingham
Jonjo Sharkey7018Lee Gillingham
Neil Winkworth6535Rob Thomson
Neil Winkworth7025Rob Thomson
Dale Prout7040Rob East
Dale Prout8813Rob East
Andy "Harry" Upton6522Pat Shaw
Andy "Harry" Upton7030Pat Shaw
Player of the match: Dale Prout
Match 53
Shaw Raiders26ESP A
Mark Dunn6415Phil Craik
Mark Dunn7220Phil Craik
Brian Leonard2357Greg Neil
Brian Leonard467Greg Neil
John Apicella360James Craik
John Apicella2361James Craik
Mike Ainsworth2257Shaun Amor
Mike Ainsworth2451Shaun Amor
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 54
The OddBalls26Crucible S&S Club
Rob Marks1670Andrew Bolter
Rob Marks6433Andrew Bolter
Mike Mitchell6259Mark Alexander
Mike Mitchell2760Mark Alexander
Matthew Fyffe1965Chris Rice
Matthew Fyffe4064Chris Rice
Macauley Fyffe1451Paul Davis
Macauley Fyffe1258Paul Davis
Player of the match: Mike Mitchell
Match 55
Castle A44Good Bad & Ugly
Rob Thomson4053David Brown
Rob Thomson4134David Brown
Pat Shaw2056Andy Fair
Pat Shaw2263Andy Fair
Rob East7424Norman Byng
Rob East8335Norman Byng
Roy Young4745Mark Brewin
Roy Young2468Mark Brewin
Player of the match: Rob East
Match 56
Crucible S&S Club80ADC
Paul Davis4917Rob Hill
Paul Davis5533Rob Hill
Andrew Bolter6625John Collis
Andrew Bolter6625John Collis
Chris Rice7149Lee Collis
Chris Rice6419Lee Collis
Player of the match: Lee Collis
Match 57
ESP A08Document House
Greg Neil4355Neil Winkworth
Greg Neil3747Neil Winkworth
Dan Lawerence1861Dale Prout
Dan Lawerence966Dale Prout
Phil Craik4162Jonjo Sharkey
Phil Craik2460Jonjo Sharkey
Shaun Amor2880Andy "Harry" Upton
Shaun Amor2957Andy "Harry" Upton
Player of the match: Andy "Harry" Upton
Match 58
Newb Cons Club44ESP B
Andrew Seymour6923Mark Head
Andrew Seymour5735Mark Head
Mike Paduano1960Richard Aldred
Mike Paduano8044Richard Aldred
George Apperley5015Paul Godwin
George Apperley4860Paul Godwin
Simon Wilson1963Steve Cobb
Simon Wilson3763Steve Cobb
Player of the match: Andrew Seymour
Match 59
Shaw Savages44Shaw Raiders
Stephen Vallance2939Mark Dunn
Stephen Vallance2052Mark Dunn
Eric Roden5312Bob Low
Eric Roden4227Bob Low
Sean Moxon5931Mike Parry
Sean Moxon4946Mike Parry
Adrian Richardson3675Mike Ainsworth
Adrian Richardson2451Mike Ainsworth
Player of the match: Eric Roden
Match 60
Southern Comforts26The OddBalls
Paul Crutchley4052Tony Lyles
Paul Crutchley5512Tony Lyles
Stephen Miles1790Rob Marks
Stephen Miles4067Rob Marks
Alex Hutchinson3559Mike Mitchell
Alex Hutchinson4654Mike Mitchell
Sean O Shea4652Duane Puttock
Sean O Shea5512Duane Puttock
Player of the match: Rob Marks
Match 61
ADC17Document House
Rob Hill4859Dale Prout
Rob Hill8535Dale Prout
John Collis3084Neil Winkworth
John Collis2194Neil Winkworth
Player of the match: Rob Hill
Match 62
Crucible S&S Club71ESP B
Andrew Bolter8022Wayne Racey
Andrew Bolter6457Wayne Racey
Mark Alexander6826Steve Cobb
Mark Alexander4951Steve Cobb
Craig Marsh843Richard Aldred
Craig Marsh7614Richard Aldred
Chris Rice1101Paul Godwin
Chris Rice7612Paul Godwin
Player of the match: Chris Rice
Match 63
ESP A53The OddBalls
Greg Neil6613Matthew Fyffe
Greg Neil4634Matthew Fyffe
Shaun Amor6524Macauley Fyffe
Shaun Amor4028Macauley Fyffe
Phil Craik2158Rob Marks
Phil Craik966Rob Marks
Paul Thomas5230Tony Lyles
Paul Thomas4664Tony Lyles
Player of the match: Greg Neil
Match 64
Newb Cons Club80Shaw Raiders
George Apperley5419Mike Ainsworth
George Apperley6554Mike Ainsworth
Mike Paduano8428John Apicella
Mike Paduano6535John Apicella
David Aitken867Bob Low
David Aitken6221Bob Low
Andrew Seymour5946Mark Dunn
Andrew Seymour533Mark Dunn
Player of the match: Andrew Seymour
Match 65
Shaw Savages17Castle A
James Bunting255Dennis Doswell
James Bunting985Dennis Doswell
Eric Roden4936Pat Shaw
Eric Roden4859Pat Shaw
Sean Moxon2759Rob East
Sean Moxon2366Rob East
Player of the match: Dennis Doswell
Match 66
Southern Comforts71Good Bad & Ugly
Paul Crutchley7113Sam Brewin
Paul Crutchley6015Sam Brewin
Sean O Shea2948Mark Brewin
Sean O Shea6934Mark Brewin
Stephen Miles6023Neil Munday
Stephen Miles5312Neil Munday
Alex Hutchinson4640Andy Fair
Alex Hutchinson5238Andy Fair
Player of the match: Paul Crutchley
Match 67
Castle A35Newb Cons Club
Rob East2061Robin Rawlings
Rob East5328Robin Rawlings
Lee Gillingham1561Mike Paduano
Lee Gillingham6359Mike Paduano
Roy Young1868David Aitken
Roy Young1570David Aitken
Nick Greetham1661Simon Wilson
Nick Greetham6352Simon Wilson
Player of the match: David Aitken
Match 68
Crucible S&S Club71ESP A
Mark Alexander2058Shaun Amor
Mark Alexander6613Shaun Amor
Andrew Bolter831Greg Neil
Andrew Bolter7513Greg Neil
Chris Rice695Chris Parsons
Chris Rice528Chris Parsons
Paul Davis5030Phil Craik
Paul Davis5931Phil Craik
Player of the match: Andrew Bolter
Match 69
Paul Godwin6039Rob Hill
Paul Godwin7032Rob Hill
Mark Head5840Lee Collis
Mark Head5445Lee Collis
Steve Cobb2264John Collis
Steve Cobb5628John Collis
Player of the match: John Collis
Match 70
Good Bad & Ugly53Shaw Raiders
Norman Byng6517Mike Parry
Norman Byng6025Mike Parry
Mark Brewin2848Mike Ainsworth
Mark Brewin3768Mike Ainsworth
David Brown5115John Apicella
David Brown5412John Apicella
Andy Fair3363Mark Dunn
Andy Fair6341Mark Dunn
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 71
Shaw Savages17The OddBalls
Adrian Richardson3268Tony Lyles
Adrian Richardson2348Tony Lyles
James Bunting3046Macauley Fyffe
James Bunting1941Macauley Fyffe
Eric Roden2687Rob Marks
Eric Roden5642Rob Marks
Sean Moxon4666Sam Storey
Sean Moxon3169Sam Storey
Player of the match: Sam Storey
Match 72
Southern Comforts26Document House
Stephen Miles2576Neil Winkworth
Stephen Miles2084Neil Winkworth
Paul Crutchley4273Dale Prout
Paul Crutchley1764Dale Prout
James Hearne4362Andy "Harry" Upton
James Hearne2060Andy "Harry" Upton
Player of the match: Dale Prout
Match 73
ADC35Good Bad & Ugly
Lee Collis5612Norman Byng
Lee Collis2840Norman Byng
Rob Hill4616Andy Fair
Rob Hill4760Andy Fair
John Collis3565Matt Colley
John Collis6337Matt Colley
Player of the match: Norman Byng
Match 74
Greg Neil1860Mark Head
Greg Neil3654Mark Head
Paul Thomas7717Richard Aldred
Paul Thomas4551Richard Aldred
Chris Parsons2760Steve Cobb
Chris Parsons3266Steve Cobb
Shaun Amor6838Paul Godwin
Shaun Amor3862Paul Godwin
Player of the match: Steve Cobb
Match 75
Document House80Shaw Savages
Jonjo Sharkey7017Eric Roden
Jonjo Sharkey9920Eric Roden
Dale Prout10012Adrian Richardson
Dale Prout7712Adrian Richardson
Neil Winkworth8822Sean Moxon
Neil Winkworth9425Sean Moxon
Player of the match: Neil Winkworth
Match 76
Newb Cons Club44The OddBalls
Mike Paduano4724Matthew Fyffe
Mike Paduano3654Matthew Fyffe
David Aitken668Macauley Fyffe
David Aitken8411Macauley Fyffe
Andrew Seymour6826Sam Storey
Andrew Seymour3954Sam Storey
Simon Wilson1752Tony Lyles
Simon Wilson1053Tony Lyles
Player of the match: David Aitken
Match 77
Shaw Raiders08Crucible S&S Club
Bob Low2253Andrew Bolter
Bob Low1857Andrew Bolter
Brian Leonard2452Mark Alexander
Brian Leonard3049Mark Alexander
Mark Dunn2461Craig Marsh
Mark Dunn1569Craig Marsh
Mike Ainsworth2467Chris Rice
Mike Ainsworth3068Chris Rice
Player of the match: Craig Marsh
Match 78
Southern Comforts62Castle A
Paul Crutchley5236Pat Shaw
Paul Crutchley5722Pat Shaw
Pat Patel6333Roy Young
Pat Patel6128Roy Young
Alex Hutchinson6721Rob East
Alex Hutchinson4852Rob East
James Hearne2152Lee Gillingham
James Hearne6135Lee Gillingham
Player of the match: Pat Patel
Match 79
Castle A35ADC
Nick Greetham3352Lee Collis
Nick Greetham1558Lee Collis
Rob East3747Rob Hill
Rob East3041Rob Hill
Roy Young4637John Collis
Roy Young4253John Collis
Player of the match: Lee Collis
Match 80
ESP A17Southern Comforts
Phil Craik3863James Hearne
Phil Craik4453James Hearne
Chris Parsons1359Paul Crutchley
Chris Parsons1085Paul Crutchley
Greg Neil5141Stephen Miles
Greg Neil3650Stephen Miles
Shaun Amor2555Alex Hutchinson
Shaun Amor3648Alex Hutchinson
Player of the match: James Hearne
Match 81
Document House71Good Bad & Ugly
Neil Winkworth7164Mark Brewin
Neil Winkworth899Mark Brewin
Jonjo Sharkey8431Neil Munday
Jonjo Sharkey5143Neil Munday
Dale Prout3759Jason Byng
Dale Prout6229Jason Byng
Andy "Harry" Upton7737Norman Byng
Andy "Harry" Upton8428Norman Byng
Player of the match: Andy "Harry" Upton
Match 82
Newb Cons Club17Crucible S&S Club
Simon Wilson856Phil Bolter
Simon Wilson188Phil Bolter
David Aitken4668Craig Marsh
David Aitken2068Craig Marsh
Robin Rawlings1650Paul Davis
Robin Rawlings2251Paul Davis
Andrew Seymour263Chris Rice
Andrew Seymour7842Chris Rice
Player of the match: Andrew Seymour
Match 83
Shaw Savages35ESP B
Eric Roden6123Richard Aldred
Eric Roden8039Richard Aldred
Adrian Richardson357Mark Head
Adrian Richardson1176Mark Head
Sean Moxon4221Tim Page
Sean Moxon4553Tim Page
Jo-Ann Adams3864Paul Godwin
Jo-Ann Adams9111Paul Godwin
Player of the match: Paul Godwin
Match 84
The OddBalls53Shaw Raiders
Tony Lyles4857Bob Low
Tony Lyles525Bob Low
Sam Storey7214Mike Parry
Sam Storey4912Mike Parry
Rob Marks829John Apicella
Rob Marks870John Apicella
Duane Puttock4346Mark Dunn
Duane Puttock4866Mark Dunn
Player of the match: Rob Marks
Match 85
ADC26The OddBalls
Rob Hill7733Macauley Fyffe
Rob Hill2437Macauley Fyffe
Lee Collis5051Tony Lyles
Lee Collis6833Tony Lyles
John Collis4156Rob Marks
John Collis2584Rob Marks
Player of the match: Lee Collis
Match 86
Crucible S&S Club80Shaw Savages
Chris Rice8110Eric Roden
Chris Rice9325Eric Roden
Paul Davis4522James Bunting
Paul Davis8530James Bunting
Craig Marsh7717Andrew Richardson
Craig Marsh7517Andrew Richardson
Andrew Bolter5720Sean Moxon
Andrew Bolter5732Sean Moxon
Player of the match: Chris Rice
Match 87
ESP B80Castle A
Mark Head6218Rob East
Mark Head5352Rob East
Richard Aldred5628Nick Greetham
Richard Aldred4941Nick Greetham
Steve Cobb7424Pat Shaw
Steve Cobb5733Pat Shaw
Paul Godwin5736Lee Gillingham
Paul Godwin716Lee Gillingham
Player of the match: Richard Aldred
Match 88
Good Bad & Ugly53ESP A
Andy Fair5238Greg Neil
Andy Fair6058Greg Neil
Jason Byng5824Josh Bosley
Jason Byng513Josh Bosley
David Brown5019Chris Parsons
David Brown2767Chris Parsons
Norman Byng2551Shaun Amor
Norman Byng3063Shaun Amor
Player of the match: Jason Byng
Match 89
Shaw Raiders35Document House
John Apicella1485Dale Prout
John Apicella1286Dale Prout
Mike Ainsworth3254Andy "Harry" Upton
Mike Ainsworth1465Andy "Harry" Upton
Mark Dunn2142Phil Simmons
Mark Dunn4625Phil Simmons
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 90
Southern Comforts26Newb Cons Club
Sean O Shea4164George Apperley
Sean O Shea1752George Apperley
Alex Hutchinson5137Mike Paduano
Alex Hutchinson6434Mike Paduano
Stephen Miles2055David Aitken
Stephen Miles4269David Aitken
Paul Crutchley2089Andrew Seymour
Paul Crutchley1752Andrew Seymour
Player of the match: Alex Hutchinson
Match 91
ADC35Southern Comforts
Graham Leech1763Paul Crutchley
Graham Leech6154Paul Crutchley
Rob Hill7222Pat Patel
Rob Hill1744Pat Patel
John Collis1550Stephen Miles
John Collis2147Stephen Miles
Lee Collis4621James Hearne
Lee Collis4561James Hearne
Player of the match: Rob Hill
Match 92
Castle A35The OddBalls
Rob East5432Matthew Fyffe
Rob East4862Matthew Fyffe
Nick Greetham3358Tony Lyles
Nick Greetham5564Tony Lyles
Pat Shaw4528Macauley Fyffe
Pat Shaw1854Macauley Fyffe
Lee Gillingham6350Sam Storey
Lee Gillingham2160Sam Storey
Player of the match: Tony Lyles
Match 93
ESP B62Shaw Raiders
Paul Godwin6424Bob Low
Paul Godwin792Bob Low
Mark Head558Mike Ainsworth
Mark Head6344Mike Ainsworth
Richard Aldred2471Mark Dunn
Richard Aldred2150Mark Dunn
Steve Cobb577Mike Parry
Steve Cobb4945Mike Parry
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 94
Document House53Crucible S&S Club
Neil Winkworth3954Chris Rice
Neil Winkworth2173Chris Rice
Phil Simmons6065Andrew Bolter
Phil Simmons4838Andrew Bolter
Dale Prout7940Mark Alexander
Dale Prout6833Mark Alexander
Jonjo Sharkey554Paul Davis
Jonjo Sharkey658Paul Davis
Player of the match: Dale Prout
Match 95
Newb Cons Club62Good Bad & Ugly
George Apperley6038Andy Fair
George Apperley2946Andy Fair
David Aitken7147Mark Brewin
David Aitken6321Mark Brewin
Mike Paduano5652Jason Byng
Mike Paduano5360Jason Byng
Andrew Seymour6323David Brown
Andrew Seymour818David Brown
Player of the match: Andrew Seymour
Match 96
Shaw Savages17ESP A
Sean Moxon3266Shaun Amor
Sean Moxon2253Shaun Amor
Adrian Richardson6050Chris Parsons
Adrian Richardson3445Chris Parsons
Player of the match: Adrian Richardson
Match 97
ADC35Shaw Raiders
Graham Leech4243Mark Dunn
Graham Leech5111Mark Dunn
John Collis3549Mike Parry
John Collis4534Mike Parry
Lee Collis3761Mike Ainsworth
Lee Collis4026Mike Ainsworth
Player of the match: Graham Leech
Match 98
Crucible S&S Club53Good Bad & Ugly
Craig Marsh6817Andy Fair
Craig Marsh4246Andy Fair
Andrew Bolter7445Mark Brewin
Andrew Bolter5057Mark Brewin
Chris Rice9311Jason Byng
Chris Rice2874Jason Byng
Paul Davis5215David Brown
Paul Davis6819David Brown
Player of the match: Mark Brewin
Match 99
ESP A53Castle A
Phil Craik4625Lee Gillingham
Phil Craik6629Lee Gillingham
Shaun Amor4815Nick Greetham
Shaun Amor5138Nick Greetham
Greg Neil5648Rob East
Greg Neil1556Rob East
Josh Bosley4254Rob Thomson
Josh Bosley5664Rob Thomson
Player of the match: Josh Bosley
Match 100
Newb Cons Club35Document House
Robin Rawlings2075Neil Winkworth
Robin Rawlings3646Neil Winkworth
Andrew Seymour5620Phil Simmons
Andrew Seymour6020Phil Simmons
Simon Wilson1064Dale Prout
Simon Wilson778Dale Prout
David Aitken6346Andy "Harry" Upton
David Aitken5263Andy "Harry" Upton
Player of the match: David Aitken
Match 101
Shaw Savages44Southern Comforts
Eric Roden1163Stephen Miles
Eric Roden3055Stephen Miles
Adrian Richardson5047James Hearne
Adrian Richardson2050James Hearne
Sean Moxon3827Paul Sheldon
Sean Moxon4448Paul Sheldon
Player of the match: Paul Sheldon
Match 102
The OddBalls53ESP B
Sam Storey2059Paul Godwin
Sam Storey5932Paul Godwin
Macauley Fyffe3159Mark Head
Macauley Fyffe5440Mark Head
Matthew Fyffe1749Steve Cobb
Matthew Fyffe3934Steve Cobb
Rob Marks4726Tim Page
Rob Marks5821Tim Page
Player of the match: Rob Marks
Match 103
ADC08Crucible S&S Club
Graham Leech794Craig Marsh
Graham Leech20112Craig Marsh
Rob Hill5766Chris Rice
Rob Hill2477Chris Rice
John Collis2166Paul Davis
John Collis1479Paul Davis
Lee Collis3757Andrew Bolter
Lee Collis850Andrew Bolter
Player of the match: Craig Marsh
Match 104
ESP B44Newb Cons Club
Paul Godwin6721David Aitken
Paul Godwin5525David Aitken
Steve Cobb4660George Apperley
Steve Cobb5031George Apperley
Mark Head4969Mike Paduano
Mark Head4447Mike Paduano
Richard Aldred5524Robin Rawlings
Richard Aldred3955Robin Rawlings
Player of the match: Mike Paduano
Match 105
Good Bad & Ugly80Castle A
David Brown5417Nick Greetham
David Brown5034Nick Greetham
Andy Fair789Roy Young
Andy Fair7415Roy Young
Jason Byng6934Rob East
Jason Byng5319Rob East
Mark Brewin5731Pat Shaw
Mark Brewin5312Pat Shaw
Player of the match: Andy Fair
Match 106
Document House80ESP A
Dale Prout6446Josh Bosley
Dale Prout7555Josh Bosley
Neil Winkworth4827Chris Parsons
Neil Winkworth7637Chris Parsons
Jonjo Sharkey7935Shaun Amor
Jonjo Sharkey6735Shaun Amor
Phil Simmons6534Greg Neil
Phil Simmons5634Greg Neil
Player of the match: Jonjo Sharkey
Match 107
Shaw Raiders44Shaw Savages
Mike Ainsworth2149Eric Roden
Mike Ainsworth4656Eric Roden
Mark Dunn5917James Bunting
Mark Dunn7714James Bunting
John Apicella2752Adrian Richardson
John Apicella6735Adrian Richardson
Mike Parry2266Sean Moxon
Mike Parry4216Sean Moxon
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 108
The OddBalls44Southern Comforts
Tony Lyles6053Alex Hutchinson
Tony Lyles3877Alex Hutchinson
Sam Storey4664Paul Crutchley
Sam Storey5725Paul Crutchley
Matthew Fyffe1456Pat Patel
Matthew Fyffe5037Pat Patel
Mike Mitchell856Stephen Miles
Mike Mitchell4942Stephen Miles
Player of the match: Sam Storey
Match 109
Castle A44Document House
Lee Gillingham255Dale Prout
Lee Gillingham0104Dale Prout
Dennis Doswell3679Neil Winkworth
Dennis Doswell2569Neil Winkworth
Player of the match: Dale Prout
Match 110
Crucible S&S Club53The OddBalls
Chris Rice6128Macauley Fyffe
Chris Rice717Macauley Fyffe
Paul Davis4449Matthew Fyffe
Paul Davis5010Matthew Fyffe
Andrew Bolter5147Rob Marks
Andrew Bolter1069Rob Marks
Phil Bolter4054Mike Mitchell
Phil Bolter916Mike Mitchell
Player of the match: Rob Marks
Match 111
ESP A44Shaw Raiders
Chris Parsons2668Mike Ainsworth
Chris Parsons3438Mike Ainsworth
Greg Neil504John Apicella
Greg Neil5539John Apicella
Josh Bosley3264Mark Dunn
Josh Bosley3055Mark Dunn
Shaun Amor6931Brian Leonard
Shaun Amor5222Brian Leonard
Player of the match: Mark Dunn
Match 112
Newb Cons Club53ADC
George Apperley3461Rob Hill
George Apperley4930Rob Hill
David Aitken5549Lee Collis
David Aitken5829Lee Collis
Andrew Seymour5541John Collis
Andrew Seymour8422John Collis
Mike Paduano1867Graham Leech
Mike Paduano2443Graham Leech
Player of the match: Andrew Seymour
Match 113
Shaw Savages26Good Bad & Ugly
Sean Moxon1867Andy Fair
Sean Moxon2671Andy Fair
Eric Roden5022Mark Brewin
Eric Roden1365Mark Brewin
Adrian Richardson5761Jason Byng
Adrian Richardson6740Jason Byng
Player of the match: Adrian Richardson
Match 114
Southern Comforts44ESP B
Stephen Miles5720Steve Cobb
Stephen Miles4622Steve Cobb
Pat Patel4455Mark Head
Pat Patel2254Mark Head
Paul Crutchley5948Paul Godwin
Paul Crutchley7235Paul Godwin
Sean O Shea5464Richard Aldred
Sean O Shea3240Richard Aldred
Player of the match: Richard Aldred
Match 115
Castle A26Crucible S&S Club
Rob East5227Paul Davis
Rob East7242Paul Davis
Nick Greetham2761Craig Marsh
Nick Greetham0124Craig Marsh
Rob Thomson4554Neil Rampton
Rob Thomson2356Neil Rampton
Lee Gillingham1474Andrew Bolter
Lee Gillingham2958Andrew Bolter
Player of the match: Craig Marsh
Match 116
ESP A35Newb Cons Club
Shaun Amor4253Simon Wilson
Shaun Amor544Simon Wilson
Phil Craik5525Mike Paduano
Phil Craik5819Mike Paduano
Chris Parsons4959David Aitken
Chris Parsons659David Aitken
Josh Bosley4477Andrew Seymour
Josh Bosley2457Andrew Seymour
Player of the match: Andrew Seymour
Match 117
Good Bad & Ugly35ESP B
Mark Brewin1964Steve Cobb
Mark Brewin2265Steve Cobb
Jason Byng1160Mark Head
Jason Byng4820Mark Head
David Brown6038Paul Godwin
David Brown4659Paul Godwin
Andy Fair5626Richard Aldred
Andy Fair4749Richard Aldred
Player of the match: Richard Aldred
Match 118
Document House62The OddBalls
Dale Prout4962Tony Lyles
Dale Prout7221Tony Lyles
Neil Winkworth6320Macauley Fyffe
Neil Winkworth812Macauley Fyffe
Jonjo Sharkey7320Matthew Fyffe
Jonjo Sharkey5330Matthew Fyffe
Phil Simmons3658Rob Marks
Phil Simmons7024Rob Marks
Player of the match: Jonjo Sharkey
Match 119
Shaw Savages08ADC
Eric Roden4152John Collis
Eric Roden2140John Collis
James Bunting2940Rob Hill
James Bunting251Rob Hill
Adrian Richardson1252Lee Collis
Adrian Richardson1969Lee Collis
Sean Moxon2863Graham Leech
Sean Moxon3255Graham Leech
Player of the match: John Collis
Match 120
Southern Comforts71Shaw Raiders
Paul Crutchley6738Mike Ainsworth
Paul Crutchley5910Mike Ainsworth
Sean O Shea5237Mark Dunn
Sean O Shea1558Mark Dunn
Stephen Miles6129Mike Parry
Stephen Miles7123Mike Parry
James Hearne4126Brian Leonard
James Hearne5824Brian Leonard
Player of the match: Stephen Miles
Match 121
Graham Leech6217Greg Neil
Graham Leech3774Greg Neil
Rob Hill1242Josh Bosley
Rob Hill3943Josh Bosley
Lee Collis2854Shaun Amor
Lee Collis639Shaun Amor
Player of the match: Josh Bosley
Match 122
Crucible S&S Club53Southern Comforts
Andrew Bolter4056Paul Crutchley
Andrew Bolter5225Paul Crutchley
Chris Rice5810Sean O Shea
Chris Rice708Sean O Shea
Craig Marsh6836Stephen Miles
Craig Marsh6047Stephen Miles
Paul Davis4253Alex Hutchinson
Paul Davis5354Alex Hutchinson
Player of the match: Alex Hutchinson
Match 123
ESP B17Document House
Tim Page4106Dale Prout
Tim Page2261Dale Prout
Steve Cobb2455Jonjo Sharkey
Steve Cobb3670Jonjo Sharkey
Mark Head2366Neil Winkworth
Mark Head2599Neil Winkworth
Paul Godwin5012Phil Simmons
Paul Godwin1599Phil Simmons
Player of the match: Phil Simmons
Match 124
Newb Cons Club62Shaw Savages
Robin Rawlings465Adrian Richardson
Robin Rawlings5115Adrian Richardson
David Aitken765Graham Hillyard
David Aitken7014Graham Hillyard
Simon Wilson4062Sean Moxon
Simon Wilson4628Sean Moxon
Mike Paduano6225Eric Roden
Mike Paduano4065Eric Roden
Player of the match: Robin Rawlings
Match 125
Shaw Raiders53Castle A
John Apicella6113Roy Young
John Apicella3250Roy Young
Mike Ainsworth5159Rob Thomson
Mike Ainsworth4641Rob Thomson
Bob Low3630Dennis Doswell
Bob Low4740Dennis Doswell
Brian Leonard6867Rob East
Brian Leonard2338Rob East
Player of the match: Brian Leonard
Match 126
The OddBalls44Good Bad & Ugly
Tony Lyles427Daniel Brewin
Tony Lyles7933Daniel Brewin
Macauley Fyffe3851Mark Brewin
Macauley Fyffe1348Mark Brewin
Rob Marks8410Norman Byng
Rob Marks4750Norman Byng
Matthew Fyffe3931Andy Fair
Matthew Fyffe3465Andy Fair
Player of the match: Norman Byng
Match 127
Castle A62Shaw Savages
Nick Greetham5627James Bunting
Nick Greetham6026James Bunting
Lee Gillingham3460Eric Roden
Lee Gillingham6536Eric Roden
Rob Thomson3158Sean Moxon
Rob Thomson4220Sean Moxon
Rob East6023Adrian Richardson
Rob East7622Adrian Richardson
Player of the match: Nick Greetham
Match 128
ESP B17Crucible S&S Club
Paul Godwin2760Chris Rice
Paul Godwin3372Chris Rice
Mark Head6115Paul Davis
Mark Head1969Paul Davis
Steve Cobb1170Phil Bolter
Steve Cobb2569Phil Bolter
Richard Aldred2958Andrew Bolter
Richard Aldred864Andrew Bolter
Player of the match: Phil Bolter
Match 129
Good Bad & Ugly26Southern Comforts
Andy Fair6252Alex Hutchinson
Andy Fair4253Alex Hutchinson
Daniel Brewin647Stephen Miles
Daniel Brewin1363Stephen Miles
Norman Byng4449James Hearne
Norman Byng4933James Hearne
Mark Brewin3852Paul Crutchley
Mark Brewin4054Paul Crutchley
Player of the match: Stephen Miles
Match 130
Document House71ADC
Neil Winkworth6911Graham Leech
Neil Winkworth9415Graham Leech
Phil Simmons3660Rob Hill
Phil Simmons5635Rob Hill
Player of the match: Neil Winkworth
Match 131
Shaw Raiders44Newb Cons Club
Mike Parry3070David Aitken
Mike Parry3244David Aitken
Bob Low5840Mike Paduano
Bob Low6040Mike Paduano
John Apicella1665Andrew Seymour
John Apicella1181Andrew Seymour
Mark Dunn6827Simon Wilson
Mark Dunn6111Simon Wilson
Player of the match: Bob Low
Match 132
The OddBalls35ESP A
Rob Marks7419Phil Craik
Rob Marks5522Phil Craik
Sam Storey6059Josh Bosley
Sam Storey1660Josh Bosley
Matthew Fyffe4558Greg Neil
Matthew Fyffe3048Greg Neil
Macauley Fyffe2252Shaun Amor
Macauley Fyffe4152Shaun Amor
Player of the match: Greg Neil

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