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Best Breaks
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Last updated Monday 23rd April, 2018

Division 1
10322/03/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
10015/03/2018Dale ProutDocument House
9526/10/2017Dale ProutDocument House
7312/10/2017Dale ProutDocument House
6519/10/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
5914/09/2017Neil WinkworthDocument House
5614/09/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
5415/02/2018Dale ProutDocument House
5328/09/2017Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
5217/01/2018Dale ProutDocument House
5228/09/2017Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
5014/09/2017Paul GodwinESP B
4811/01/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
4826/10/2017Dale ProutDocument House
4712/03/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
4708/03/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
4718/01/2018Rob MarksThe OddBalls
4615/03/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4621/03/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
4615/03/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
4512/04/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4519/04/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
4415/02/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4419/04/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4308/03/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4312/03/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4326/10/2017Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
4305/10/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4305/10/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
4305/10/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
4224/01/2018Dale ProutDocument House
4212/03/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
4205/10/2017Sam StoreyThe OddBalls
4208/03/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
4212/03/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
4222/03/2018Dale ProutDocument House
4221/09/2017Neil WinkworthDocument House
4208/02/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4219/04/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
4112/03/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4122/03/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
4111/01/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
4114/09/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
4012/03/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
4008/03/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
4022/03/2018Phil SimmonsDocument House
3916/11/2017Dale ProutDocument House
3918/01/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
3915/03/2018Phil BolterCrucible S&S Club
3919/04/2018Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3914/12/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3916/11/2017Dale ProutDocument House
3826/10/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3809/11/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3826/10/2017Wayne BrunsdenDocument House
3828/09/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3826/10/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3819/10/2017Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
3812/10/2017George ApperleyNewb Cons Club
3722/03/2018Neil WinkworthDocument House
3708/02/2018Dale ProutDocument House
3601/03/2018Rob MarksThe OddBalls
3521/09/2017Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3514/12/2017Sam StoreyThe OddBalls
3514/12/2017Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3526/10/2017Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3507/09/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3519/10/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3512/04/2018Phil SimmonsDocument House
3512/03/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
3321/09/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3307/09/2017Mark HeadESP B
3215/02/2018Mike PaduanoNewb Cons Club
3207/09/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3219/10/2017Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3215/02/2018Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3226/10/2017Dale ProutDocument House
3216/11/2017Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
3230/11/2017Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
3230/11/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3221/03/2018Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3108/02/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
3116/11/2017Steve CobbESP B
3116/11/2017Andy "Harry" UptonDocument House
3112/04/2018Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
3122/02/2018Paul GodwinESP B
3119/10/2017Paul GodwinESP B
3112/04/2018Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
3114/12/2017Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
3108/03/2018Sam StoreyThe OddBalls
3119/04/2018Rob MarksThe OddBalls
3115/03/2018Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3019/10/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3009/11/2017Mike MitchellThe OddBalls
3016/11/2017Rob MarksThe OddBalls
3015/03/2018Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
3026/10/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3015/02/2018Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
3028/09/2017Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
3007/09/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
3019/04/2018Mark HeadESP B
2921/09/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
2921/09/2017Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
2909/11/2017Mark AlexanderCrucible S&S Club
2908/02/2018Paul DavisCrucible S&S Club
2918/01/2018Mark HeadESP B
2807/09/2017Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
2818/01/2018Rob MarksThe OddBalls
2821/03/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2714/09/2017Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
2712/04/2018Tony LylesThe OddBalls
2708/02/2018Andy "Harry" UptonDocument House
2607/09/2017Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
2611/01/2018Chris RiceCrucible S&S Club
2516/11/2017Jonjo SharkeyDocument House
2511/01/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
2507/09/2017Steve CobbESP B
2521/09/2017Steve CobbESP B
2521/09/2017Norman ByngGood Bad & Ugly
2411/01/2018Andrew BolterCrucible S&S Club
2414/12/2017Paul GodwinESP B
2422/02/2018Paul GodwinESP B
2430/11/2017Rob MarksThe OddBalls
2430/11/2017Rob MarksThe OddBalls
2414/12/2017Paul GodwinESP B
2312/04/2018Steve CobbESP B
2322/03/2018Andrew SeymourNewb Cons Club
2218/01/2018Sam StoreyThe OddBalls
2211/01/2018Craig MarshCrucible S&S Club
2208/02/2018Andy "Harry" UptonDocument House
2108/02/2018Dale ProutDocument House
2130/11/2017David AitkenNewb Cons Club
2005/10/2017Mark HeadESP B
2008/03/2018Mike PaduanoNewb Cons Club

Division 2
6230/11/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
4030/11/2017Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
3916/11/2017Rob EastCastle A
3724/01/2018Rob HillADC
3330/11/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
3301/03/2018Stephen MilesSouthern Comforts
3211/01/2018Alex HutchinsonSouthern Comforts
3108/03/2018Mark DunnShaw Raiders
3112/10/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
3115/02/2018Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
3005/10/2017Lee CollisADC
3011/01/2018Rob EastCastle A
2915/03/2018Shaun AmorESP A
2721/03/2018Sean O SheaSouthern Comforts
2718/01/2018Eric RodenShaw Savages
2715/03/2018Sean O SheaSouthern Comforts
2718/01/2018Lee CollisADC
2711/01/2018Paul ThomasESP A
2628/09/2017Dan LawerenceESP A
2505/10/2017Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
2519/10/2017Rob ThomsonCastle A
2519/10/2017Rob ThomsonCastle A
2530/11/2017Greg NeilESP A
2408/03/2018Mark DunnShaw Raiders
2426/10/2017Rob ThomsonCastle A
2322/03/2018Josh BosleyESP A
2312/10/2017Mark DunnShaw Raiders
2212/04/2018John ApicellaShaw Raiders
2218/01/2018Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
2226/10/2017Rob EastCastle A
2218/01/2018Paul CrutchleySouthern Comforts
2218/01/2018Lee CollisADC
2216/11/2017Sean MoxonShaw Savages
2015/03/2018Shaun AmorESP A
2024/01/2018Rob EastCastle A
2029/03/2018Josh BosleyESP A

Monthly Winners
Best break for Division 1 in September - (59) Neil Winkworth
Best break for Division 2 in September - (26) Dan Lawerence
Best break for Division 1 in October - (95) Dale Prout
Best break for Division 2 in October - (31) Paul Crutchley
Best break for Division 1 in November - (39) Dale Prout, Dale Prout
Best break for Division 2 in November - (62) Paul Crutchley
Best break for Division 1 in December - (39) Mark Alexander
Best break for Division 1 in January - (52) Dale Prout
Best break for Division 2 in January - (37) Rob Hill
Best break for Division 1 in February - (54) Dale Prout
Best break for Division 2 in February - (31) Paul Crutchley
Best break for Division 1 in March - (103) Craig Marsh
Best break for Division 2 in March - (33) Stephen Miles
Best break for Division 1 in April - (45) Chris Rice, Neil Winkworth
Best break for Division 2 in April - (22) John Apicella

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