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Match Reports (archive)

ADC 3 - 5 ESP B Submitted: 10/09/2017
ADC v ESP B .....first pairing was Lee V Wayne. A slow start by both soon evaporated when Lee began potting red colour, red colour etc and took the 1st 41-16. 2nd frame was a closer affair but Lee making some moderate breaks took it 58-37. 2nd game was Mike v Mark. It was even through the first part of the frame but Mark slowly went ahead and took it 48-27. 2nd frame was a different ball game and Mark not missing much. He put a 33 break together and easily took it 89-9. 2 frames apiece!.. Next was John v Steve...1st frame was rubbish from John potting reds only and not a lot better from Steve. However it was 23-24 to Steve but the Steve potted all colours from green with a 25 and took it 49-23. 2nd frame was much the same but Steve now potting consistently easily took it 56-24. Last pairing was Rob v Paul. 1st frame Paul slowly went ahead and eventually taking it 50-31. Last frame of the evening was a fairly close game with Paul slowly creeping ahead and with blue pink and black left the score was 28 Rob and 43 Paul. Eventually it was Rob who conquered by taking the last 3 colours and the frame 46-43. Adc 3 - Espb 5

ESP A 1 - 7 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 11/09/2017
Esp A welcomed the Crucible to the crucible in the and Cabco league encounter! In first match Greg Neil played Mark Alexander. The first frame went Marks way with a nice break of 30 helping him clinch the frame 16|53. In the second frame Greg gave Mark a more competitive game. But Mark always kept his nose in front and went on to take the frame 50|90. In the second match of the evening Paul Thomas playing Andy Bolter. It soon became apparent Andy has been practicing! Andy comfortably took the first frame 15|74 which included 2 breaks 26 and 28. In the second frame it was much the same and Andy went on to take the frame 22|68. In the third match of the evening Phil Craik played Chris Rice. Chris was on fire and left Phil very few chances. Chris enjoyed 3 breaks 22,23 and 32 and easily took the frame 9|83. In the second frame it was the same story this time Chris had a break of 35 and took the frame 9|85 In the final match of the evening Shaun Amor played Paul Davis. Paul comfortably took the first frame 6|56. In the second frame Shaun was not going to let ESP suffer a white wash and played very well and after a decent battle, he came out on top and took the frame 57|42. A nice evening and some great snooker played by the Crucible! Final score 1-7. Man of the match goes to Chris Rice

Document House 5 - 3 Southern Comforts Submitted: 13/09/2017
Neil winkworth played Shaun was not a great game for both players.. neil ended up with the 2 .0 win.. second game was Wayne brunsden who considering ain't played for a long time come out of retirement and won 2.0 against Stephen miles .. then dale vs pat Patel.. game ended 1.1 pat is showing good form at late who derserved everything out of the game with all the hard work practise on the baize.. phill Simmons vs Paul crutchley.. Paul played good snooker phill was not at the races at all.. 2.0 to Paul crutchley..

Newb Cons Club 6 - 2 Castle A Submitted: 08/09/2017
Simon/Rob East. Rob played very well, potting some very good balls. Simon wasn't playing to his usual form. Rob had an easy task winning both frames 47-8 & 62-15. Dave/Roy. Dave started the frame well. Roy potted some good balls. But Dave continued to play well. Roy kept on rattling the pockets. Dave came out on top winning both frames 59-29 & 58-16. George/Pat. George was on fire, potting some very good balls. Pat had his chances, but George was too strong. George won both frames 65-16 & 79-42. Michele/Rob Thomson. First game was very evenly matched, with none of them taking the lead. Michele won 63-56. Second epic frame came down to playing snookers on the last final colours. Michele came from behind to win 46-42.

Shaw Raiders 6 - 2 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 08/09/2017
Shaw Raiders opened the new season at home against Good,Bad & Ugly with the home side's Mike Ainsworth first up against Mark Brewin. Mike showed good form throughout and even though Mark pressed hard in the first frame he eventually yielded on the final black ball 49-48. The second saw Mike establish a healthy lead which he protected well to win it 61-19. This was followed by Shaw's Bob Low versus Andy Fair. Both players took a while to settle in frame one but once they got down to serious business they each produced some decent snooker with Bob winning a closely fought frame 59-47. The second followed a similar pattern with the lead changing hands several times but Bob built on his new found form and with a late surge took the frame 54-45, thus bringing to a close two keenly contested frames. Next, Mark Dunn was matched against Norman Byng who was making his debut appearance for GBU. Unfortunately for Norman Mark started in sparkling form and took the first frame 57-16.He kept this up in the second and although Norman showed a few glimpses of his old form he could do little to hold back Mark who ran out a comfortable 57-18 winner. Shaw's Mike Parry was unable to continue his team's momentum against Matt Colley who after a cagey start by both players took the first frame by a comfortable 69-37.The second was much more of a contest and Mike had a good chance to clinch it when both players had several opportunities to pot the final black but in the end lost narrowly 49-44. So, final score 6-2 to Shaw Raiders. A good start for them to the new season but equally important a very enjoyable evening's snooker for all concerned.

The OddBalls 6 - 2 Shaw Savages Submitted: 10/09/2017
A challenging start of the season for both teams as all players looked somewhat rusty! Nevertheless it was still a good contest. To start us off Matty Fyffe played Sean Moxon on what seemed to be an ice rink of a table. Sean struggled to pot colours while Matty slowly gained a lead. Matty kept the momentum for the rest of the frame and also into frame 2. So Matty won both frames without too much of a challenge, however, Sean will be back stronger next week as he should be back on the alcohol! Meanwhile, Macca Fyffe played Stephen Vallance. Despite some good individual pots by Macca, Stephen seemed to dominate the scoring in the first frame. He also started the second strongly and held a 30+ lead with just one red remaining. Suddenly Macca got a couple of snookers and a free ball and was soon back in with a good shout. He also took many of the low value colours but his luck ran out when Stephen took the important final few balls. Rob Marks then faced James Bunting. Rob took advantage of James' lack of table time over the past few months and built a decent lead to take the first. Things were looking good for him also in frame 2 before James suddenly started scoring quickly. Rob held just enough of a lead to see him through to a 2-0 lead. Finally Sam Storey played Ady Richardson. Decent scoring by both players saw an even frame go down to the final few colours with Sam marginally ahead. Sam played better in the second and won by a good margin to leave the final match score 6-2 to the Oddballs. Good luck for the rest of the season RBL!

Castle A 4 - 4 Southern Comforts Submitted: 16/09/2017
In match 1 Rob Thomson was up against the free scoring Paul Crutchley. The first frame, despite the score line, was reasonably close for a while, but Paul powered away in the end to win by a comfortable 36 points. In the second frame, Rob was never really in it, and his ambition at the end of the frame was to achieve double figures, which he finally achieved with a cracking pot on the final black. 2-0 to Mr. Crutchley. In match 2, veteran potsmith Roy Young was up against James 'Hitman' Hearne. The first frame was an ugly affair with many reds migrating to the top cushion making it difficult for either player to get into any sort of rhythm. At the end of the frame it was very tight, but Roy potted some great pressure balls to secure the first frame. The second frame was a little more open, with some great pots and some awful shots on offer from time to time. In the end, Roy again knuckled down at the business end of the frame and potted some tricky balls to secure the 2-0 and put the overall match level at half time. In match 3, Lee Gillingham was drawn against Pat Patel. Pat had a relatively trouble free route to taking the first frame by a margin of 32 points. In the second frame, Lee started brightly with a cracking red and felt that the only way was up from there, but it was not to be as, although the second frame was definitely closer, Pat was still very much in control and ran out a comfortable 2-0 winner. In match 4, the clash of the two captains, Rob East was involved in two tight frames against Stephen Miles. Both players potted some good balls, but there were also some shots that missed by miles (mainly from Rob) and a few unlucky rattlers (mainly from Stephen). At then end of the first, Rob nicked the frame by finally potting four balls in a row, brown through to black (including a doubled pink). In the second frame Stephen started the stronger, and probably deserved to take the frame but had an unlucky in off from the blue near the end. Rob needed two of the last three balls to pinch the frame, and duly took the blue and a bum-twitcher of a pink with the rest. 2-0 to Rob, then, and an honourable 4-4 draw for the overall match. A very enjoyable evening spent with the Southern Comforts. Thanks lads. Man of the match has been awarded to Paul Crutchley for a) his novel tactic of scoring a very large points total (we must try that approach) and b) for providing the most novel vape flavouring of the evening (brioche bread dough - how posh).

Crucible S&S Club 8 - 0 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 18/09/2017
First match saw Crucible’s Golden Child Chris Rice carry on with the form he has produced consistently for the last 12 months, he proved too powerful for Mike Ainsworth and strung together 3 breaks of 40, 41 and 56 to take a comfortable 2 nil victory. Craig Marsh then took on Brian Leonard, Craig was also comfortable in both frames. Unlucky not to get a couple of decent breaks himself and could only muster a nice 27 clearance in the first. Andrew Bolter faced Newbury Snooker God John Apicella in the third, John tried to put up a fight but it was Bolter who in similar fashion to the previous two matches, moved on comfortably for another 2 nil victory. The final fixture of the evening was a totally different story, Battle of the Mark’s saw Mark Alexander take on Mark Dunn. These two frames were a lot closers with Dunn pushing Alexander all the way, Alexander seemed to be more in control in the first, but it was Dunn who had the chance to take the last frame of the evening missing the pink, which fell over the middle for Alexander to tap home. Closing the fixture off 8-0 to The Crucible Boys. Good evening had by all as always. Man of the Match: This was only between two players, Chris Rice and Mark Dunn, but difficult to not give it to Chris for knocking in 3 impressive solid breaks. Credit to Mark Dunn also though, decent player.

ESP B 3 - 5 ESP A Submitted: 16/09/2017
The two ESP teams went head-to-head this week with this years A team, who were last years B team, taking on the B team who were last years A team, although the team members are the same and it's just the teams have swapped names - so hope that's clear! Anyway, it was the A team who came out on top in a 5-3 win, and disappointment from the B team who were 3-1 up at halfway. The B team were off to a flyer with Paul Godwin who knocked in a break of 50 in his first frame against Greg 'The Bear' Neil, and went on to win 2-0 comfortably. A change of contact lenses apparently behind Paul's upsurge in form! Next up was fashion victim Tricky 'Benny of the Hill' Aldred taking on last years Div 2 singles champ Phil Craik. Phil struggled throughout with his focus and concentration while playing someone wearing the brightest of yellow polo shirts, manky shorts, and sporting white socks in a pair of black slip on shoes to complete look - and not a look that will catch on. Their game ended up a 1-1 draw but Tricky missed a game winning pink which could have put the B team 4-0 up. Third game of the night saw Wayne Racey get a tonking in his first frame only scoring 5 points and not really troubling his opponent Paul Thomas. The second frame went down to the colours but Paul was always ahead and in control of the frame, and his 2 points earned leveled the match at 3-3. The deciding match was between B team's Mark Head and A team's Shaun Amor, and both could not have been closer. Mark was always ahead in both frames but never quite had enough points on the board to protect. And Shaun, improving all the time as a player, is a battler. Shaun fought back in the first, and left himself a straightforward pot on the black to nick it 49-43. He actually missed the pot, but did manage to fluke it into the middle pocket! The second frame was very similar, with Shaun taking the final few colours and nicking it on the black 49-45. Fair to say the B team have a pretty poor record regards points won on black ball frames! A mixed night for Shaun, as having won the match for ESP A, he then found his bike had been stolen from the club foyer. No idea how he got home! Anyway, pictures from CCTV are available and being circulated. If anyone recognizes the thieving little scrote, then let us know. Well done ESP A, we'll hammer you next time!

Good Bad & Ugly 5 - 3 ADC Submitted: 17/09/2017
The night got under way with two hard fought frames between Andy fair and Mike lucey. Both frames going to Andy 57-22 and 62-15. On table 2 we had two close frames between Norman byng and Rob Hall. Frame one was won with a good blue and pink by Norman. The second frame had a black ball decider which was won by Rob to draw the game one a piece. 57-33 and 41-43. Game 3 between Mark brewin and John collis. Mark won the first with a little luck on the final two colours. The second frame also went to the home team. 41-32 and 54-16. The final game of the night saw Matt Colley against Lee collis. Lee playing well taking both frames with some good potting not leaving much for matt. 11-57 and 8-56. A good result for the home side winning 5-3.

Shaw Savages 2 - 6 Document House Submitted: 18/09/2017
After a lot of changes in the day where we changed venues and our name and thanks to winky for sorting the document house team out as well we had a good night. First up was Steve and Dale Steve never seemed to get into the game and Dale was not true to his form but still took both frames. Next was James and Neil. Neil played to his form and james got a couple of shots in both games but most the time he was stood watching. Neils 59 break should of been alot more. So 4-0 up to document house at half time. Third up was day Adrian and Harry. Harry took both frames easy with Adrian not getting much of a look in. Last was Sean and Wayne. Wayne took a early start I the first but Sean pulled it back and managed to win on the black with a nice double of The center of The bottom cushion pure luck. The second frame seemed to go all Sean's way and with long shots and a lot of luck where the white ended he took the second as well. A very good night had by all

The OddBalls 4 - 4 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 17/09/2017
A tense yet fun evening between 2 closely matched teams. Rob Marks and David Aitken kicked off the evening. David was potting for fun and took a 43 point lead within a few minutes. Rob kept fighting but David kept it going and easily saw out the first frame. Frame 2 was closer but Rob held a lead throughout. Rob was 23 ahead with 22 on the table but suddenly went in off the brown. David saw his chance potting brown, blue and pink and left a tight black into the middle pocket. Unfortunately it missed by millimetres and a relieved Rob finished off the frame. Macauley Fyffe then played Michele Paduano. A tight match throughout which could have gone either way. Macauley took the first and Michele was cruising in the second until Macauley got the snooker he needed to keep him in the frame. He kept potting and it ended up as a black ball game. Both players had half chances but missed. Finally Michele left the black a few inches away from the corner pocket but a long straight white forced Macca to try and stun the white. He missed the pot and both balls went flying around the table. The white dropped into the middle pocket and the comeback was over. Next was Tony Lyles against Andrew 'Bimmer' Seymour. Bimmer made many small breaks and took a decent lead but never looked at his best. Tony picked up on this but struggled to pot any colours. Frame 1 was soon over! Tony potted more in the second but it was not enough to overcome Bimmer's scoring. Finally Sam Storey played George Apperley in a must win match for the Oddballs. Sam looked on a mission and potted well but gave George plenty of chances. Sam finished the stronger to take frame 1. George seemed to have the edge in the final frame and took a lead into the colours. However, Sam had the last laugh clearing the final 3 balls to scrape the frame on the black. Final score 4-4.

Castle A 3 - 5 ESP B Submitted: 22/09/2017
Dennis Doswell v Steve Cobb. First time out for Dennis this season and he was up against an on blob Cobb. Steve was whacking them in all over the place and built up a lead in the opening frame, but Dennis started getting his eye in looking quite the part with his upside down glasses on and began to claw back. Steve held on though and took it on the pink - which Steve is very fond of doing especially when he's got an audience. Frame two was almost a repeat of the first with Dennis catching up again but Steve slammed the door in his face taking the last five colours with a finishing break of 25. Lee Gillingham v Richard Aldred. The home team welcomed ESP's Tricky Dicky and saw him pitched against Castle's Lee Gillingham. Lots of gasps as both players played a canny game against each other but Lee drew away and took the first frame by just the 10 points. Frame two was rather a one sided affair with Lee well in command looking very upright and alert whilst Richard looked a bit droopy . . . which we won't dwell on. Lee marched towards a comfortable victory. 2-2 at the mid session interval! Roy Young v Paul Godwin. Roy was promoted to Vice-Vice-Captain as Rob East was giving it large in Spain and Pat Shaw was somewhere in Europe sampling beer and wine. Anyway, when Roy and Paul meet it is usually a tight affair and over the frames they have played against each other in the past the honours are fairly even. But not tonight they weren't! No no no! Paul raced ahead in frame one while Roy was wondering why his balls were wobbling and rattling so much and he lost the first. Then, in frame two, which will go down in the anals of history, Paul pulled off snooker after snooker after snooker after snooker . . . and more, coming up with the pathetic excuse that they were all accidental and continually saying sorry. Yeh right! You can't fool me Paul. You played some brilliant snooker and thoroughly deserved to win. Grrrhhhhhh!!!!!! Nick Greetham v Mark Head. First time out for Nick as well this season and he took his cap off specially for the occasion. Frame one saw him hitting the balls OK. However, they weren't going where he wanted them to go, while Mark found the pockets quite frequently and gave Nick a right old drubbing taking the first comfortably. The second frame was a different affair and Nick dug in saying he was trying to bore Mark into submission and after all that it ended on the black. The last three shots began with Nick going for the baulk corner pocket, but it rattled leaving Mark a simple drop in which he surprisingly missed - another rattler! A rather fortunate Nick strode forward and sunk it to take the frame. Good game tonight between the two teams. Great fun as always and a delighted Paul Godwin was voted the Player of the Match for the cunning stunts he did with all those snookers.

ESP A 3 - 5 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 22/09/2017
Always a good match-up when these two teams meet each other, Greg was first up for ESP against Storming Norman Byng, in the first frame Norman showed all his experience with a mixture of good pots and tight safety play, and took the first frame 22-62, in the second frame however Greg found his game and was in total control of the frame, finding himself 21 ahead with 25 on, but the veteran Norman stunned Greg with a 25 clearance and snatched the frame 51-55, second match saw Paul Thomas pair up against another veteran in Andy Fair, this was a scrappy affair, with both players finding it difficult to show their true ability, Paul nicked the first frame 42-36, but Andy responded in the second frame to take it 20-50, third match saw Shaun Amor face off against steady player Mark Brewin, this match was what can only be described as boring haha, neither player could get going and poor referee Andy Fair was asleep in his chair, Mark grabbing the first frame 29-44, and Shaun hitting back in the next 62-33, last but not least, late showing Phil Craik played Matt Colley, Phil started off like a train and couldn't miss, but Matt kept himself in the frame and ground out to snatch the first frame 40-45, the second frame was very similar, but this time Phil hung on despite the frame going down to the black and each player missing the black at least 6 times each, Phil squeaked a 41-31 win. This meant that Good Bad and Ugly got the better of ESP 5-3, the man of the match award went to Storming Norman Byng, an enjoyable night as always with the Good Bad and Ugly lads

Document House 8 - 0 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 23/09/2017
First game was neil vs Mike parry. Neil got to a good start in the frame potting good balls got a nice lead.. Mike got into the frame and give neil a good game.. neil cleared the colours to take the frame.. second frame neil took control with a nice 42 break then controlled the frame 2.0 neil.. next game up was Harry vs John.. Harry was potting well Took the 2 frames comftable.. 2.0 Harry.. next up had dale who is a very good natural player who took control of both frames potting very well 2.0 dale.. then we have phill Simmons who played steady snooker and won the game 2.0 victory over bob low to get the 8.0 victory..

Newb Cons Club 5 - 3 Southern Comforts Submitted: 22/09/2017
Michele/Steve. The frame started off with lots of safety.Michele play well keeping Steve off the table, by keeping the game tight.Steve wasn't up to his usual standard.Michele won 66-18. Second game Steve potted some very good balls. None of them took the lead, very even game. Michele potted a long black to 62-52. George/Alex. George started off very well potting some very good balls. Alex failed to catch up. George won 71-34. Alex in the second frame play well, putting pressure onto George. Some good snooker, George won 69-58. Dave/Sean. Dave played very well, making small breaks. Sean was unable to compete with Dave's potting, Dave won 70-34. Sean in the second frame Sean came alive, potting well. Dave suddenly realised he was behind. Sean won 57-14. Robin/Paul. Paul was too strong against Robin. Winning both frames 46-15 & 52-13. Excellent evening.

Shaw Savages 0 - 8 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 24/09/2017
Our second home match of the season and playing the top of the league. First up was James and Mark.mark played really well with James not giving him much of a problem. So Mark took both frames with some great potting and a nice 29 break. Next was Steve and Paul. Paul took control of the first frame early on and Steve didn't get in to it at all.paul had a nice 29 break and took the frame easy. The second frame Steve seemed to get it together and gave Paul a harder game but Paul still managed to win the frame. Sean and Andy was up next and Andy seemed to have his eye in from the beginning and Sean was missing most colours. Andy had a nice 35 break in the second frame but took both frames quite comfortable. Last was Ady and Chris. The first frame Chris was true to form and had a nice 33 break and carried on to win easy as Andy could not get into the game. The second frame Ady managed to get into it and gave Chris more of a game but Chris came through in the end. A good night was had over all even though we did not win a frame.

The OddBalls 5 - 3 ADC Submitted: 21/09/2017
A keenly fought contest at the Crucible which saw the home side edge the win by frames to three. Matty took on Lee and had the upper hand (with some measure of fortune)throughout the match running out a comfortable 2 frames to nil winner. The new, slick cloth hampering both players as they continually seem to over run the cue ball. The younger Fyffe took on Rob and Rob controlled the first frame comfortably to win by nearly 50 points. The second frame was a little tighter going to the colours where Macca found some good control and composure to level his tie and give the home side a 3-1 half time lead.For the way he turned his game around when the pressure was on I think Macca deserves MOTM. In the third match both John and Tony tried to outcrap each other but John found the colours that Tony hasn't been able to pot for 18 months now. The second frame was more even until Tony got stuck on the cushion whilst on 25 with reds begging and John did well to hang in there and he eventually picked off the high value colours to take the frame by 3 points. The final match saw an in form Sam play Mike and he took both frames , whilst not easily, with a semblance of control.Mike needing snookers in both on the colours which he got some but not enough. So 5-3 it was and well played to all.

ADC 1 - 7 Castle A Submitted: 01/10/2017
ADC v Castle A......1st pair was Mike Lucey against Lee Gillingham. 1st frame saw Lee having a few fouls in/offs etc which allowed Mike to slowly creep ahead and take the 1st 56-36. 2nd frame roles were reversed and Mike not potting as well allowed Lee to take it 54-36. Next pair was Rob Hill v Rob East. In both frames Rob E was potting some very good shots and took both frames 51-25 and 42-14. Last pair was John Collis v Rob Thomson. 1st frame was a close affair and with John potting blue, pink and black scores were both 55. Re spotted black was taken by Rob winning 62-55. 2nd frame was a less close affair with Rob potting well and John not Rob taking it comfortably 60-25.

Crucible S&S Club 6 - 2 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 29/09/2017
First match of the evening saw Craig 'The Machine' Marsh play Mike Paduano, which was pretty much saw a one sided event. Craig stormed the first, and even though Mike played a very decent frame himself in the second. it was Craig who took the match 2-0 knocking in two decent breaks, one of which was a 52. Next match saw a great battle between two warriors in Chris Rice and Dave Aitken, the player of last season (Rice) took the first comfortably, but it was the legendary veteran Mr. Aitken that showed he still has what it takes to mix with the best. After Chris stuck in a 38 Break, Dave clawed back a 40pt deficit to take the second frame earning a very well deserved frame for the visitors. Mark Alexander then took on Robin Rawlings, Alexander showed a lot of respect in the first with his safety rather than taking on some pots, but Robin continued to dig out the right shots when needed. Alexander closed off a close first frame and was very comfortable in the second claiming the honours 2-0. Tale of 2 halves in the last match, Andrew (Veteran) Bolter controlled the vicious Andrew 'Bimmer Big Ginge' Seymour in the first, Bolter seemed comfortable and edged it at in the late colours. Second frame went the other way, with the master class levelling the scores at 1 a piece. Giving the Home team and current league leader a decent 6-2 win! Man of the Match was between two players, the first being Craig Marsh as hit the two breaks of 30 and 52....but Chris Rice very rarely loses frames on a Thursday in Newbury and Dave Aitken worked very hard to get the equaliser. Dave Aitken...we salute you! MOM

ESP B 7 - 1 Shaw Savages Submitted: 07/11/2017
ESP B took on Shaw Savages in a re-arranged fixture. A good 7-1 win for ESP propelled them up to the dizzy heights of 3rd place in the league. However, it was Shaw who took the first frame of the evening with Aidy winning an error strewn frame against Wayne Racey. Wayne improved in the second frame and aided by some good fortune levelled things up at 1-1. Tim Page made his first start of the season and played out two close frames with Steve Vallance. Tim excels when it comes to the colours though and took both frames with good pots on blue and pink. Paul Godwin continued his good form and took both frames against James Bunting to extend ESP's lead further. Final match of the evening pitched Mark Head against Shaws captain Sean Moxon. Sean had opportunities to take the first frame but Mark edged it and went on to take the second frame comfortably to deal the 7-1 win.

Good Bad & Ugly 2 - 6 Document House Submitted: 01/10/2017
Week 4 sees GBU takes a very good document house team at Newbury con club. The night started with Jason byng vs Dale prout, two hard fought frames with Dale coming out on top in both giving the away team a early 2-0 lead. On table 2 saw Norman byng up against Neil winkworth. Norman found it difficult to score against the good snooker produced by his opponent. Neil came through both frames the stronger taking his team into a 4-0 lead at the half way stage. Match 3 had matt Colley take on jonjo sharkey. Frame one produced a very good 53 break from jonjo taking the frame comfortably. The second frame went to the wire with matt narrowly missing out by just a single point losing 45-46. Mark brewin was up against Phil Simmons hoping to avoid a whitewash. Mark got his wish taking the first with the final black to decide a frame which could have gone either way. The second also went to mark who made the most of a good run of the balls. Player of the match goes to jonjo for his 53 break helping his team to a good 6-2 away victory. An enjoyable night and fair result. The document house team will be tough to beat this season.

Shaw Raiders 3 - 5 The OddBalls Submitted: 29/09/2017
The Oddballs visit to Shaw Club to take on Raiders produced an entertaining evening's snooker. The home side's Mike Ainsworth faced Rob Marks and the latter showed good form from the off. Rob won the first frame by a comfortable 58-7 and carried on to take the second although by a much closer margin of 52-43 as Mike put in a stronger challenge and was unlucky to miss out at the end of the frame. Next Shaw Raiders Mark Dunn played Tony Lyles in what transpired to be two quite different frames with Tony winning the first 47-29 and Mark coming back strongly in the second to take it 67-20. Brian Leonard suffered at the hands of Matt Fyffe who kept the Shaw man out for much of the two frames, securing victory by 59-20 and 62-28. Last session saw Shaw's Mike Parry versus Macauley Fyffe in what resulted in two close and hard fought frames with little to separate the two players. Macauley started the better in frame one and accrued a useful lead with Mike having to play catch-up for much of the time. However, he persevered and eventually got the better of the Oddballs player winning on the final black 46-39. The second frame was equally close with neither player able to create a telling lead and once again it went down to the final black. After several chances went begging and with only two colours remaining, Mike took advantage of a fairly straightforward pink followed by an excellent long black to win 53-48. So final score Shaw Raiders 3 The Oddballs 5 .

Southern Comforts 3 - 5 ESP A Submitted: 02/10/2017
The 2 Pauls face each other and the first frame was very scrappy indeed with neither player edging ahead. Paul Crutchley's 22 break meant he was slightly in the driving seat but some good potting from his opponent prevented crutchley from takin the frame until the very end. The second frame was much the same, this time going the other way and they finished honours even. A match both players won't want to remember, nor the referee! Second match Stephen Miles takes on newcomer Dan. Both frames was scrappy but Stephen was able to hold of Dan to take first frame. However second game completely different, Stephen struggling to get to grips and not showing his talent when needed then all went pair shape for Stephen when Dan put a lovley break together of 26 to clinched the frame for a draw. Alex vs Shaun, all in all this was a game of 2 halves, frame 1, shaun playing nicely, potting some good balls, and Alex responding likewise, nice tight frame with some good safety. Ultimately there had to be a winner, the last few balls potted and Shaun came out the stronger at the end. Second frame was another tight affair, but this time Alex did some good potting whereas Shaun sort of dried up. Alex keeping up his nice pots through the colours and sinking the pink to win with Shaun fighting to get Snooker’s to the last, 1-1. Pat v Greg. This was a battle from both players, with Greg cherry picking and not really leaving Pat anything. A match that Pat will put to the back of his mind and will come back stronger than ever.

Crucible S&S Club 5 - 3 Document House Submitted: 06/10/2017
Top of the Table and Battle of the Arch Nemisis – The draw came our very balanced, with all four matches having a lot of potential to go either way. The first Match saw Jonjo Sharkey take on Craig Marsh, and it was Jonjo who seemed to be comfortable in the first frame and sneaking the second on the black claiming the first two points of the evening for the visitors. Next was Mark Alexander who took on Phil Simmons, Phil had a couple of chances in both frames but never built on anything, with Alexander playing his best match of the year with breaks of 43 in the first then two breaks of 43 and a 35 clearance in the second claiming a very comfortable win for the Home side. The match now setup 2 each going into the closing matches. Chris Rice was matched up against Dale Prout, two highly talented players proving to be another match that could not be predicted, However it was Rice the snuck the first on the Pink and the killing blow in the second coming again from Rice, which was a 43 break that claimed the distance that Rice neede to claim a 2-0 victory. The last match of the evening would determine if the points were shared on the evening or if the points went to the Crucible. Neil Winkworth and Andrew Bolter take centre stage. A lot of tension between the two see a very cagey battle, with mistakes slipping in where they wouldn’t normally be expected, Neil took the first pretty comfortably. Bolter had his game face and war paint on in the last and did what was required to provide a win the Home side and current league leaders… 5-3 to Crucible S&S.

ESP A 6 - 2 Shaw Savages Submitted: 06/10/2017
ESP A took on Shaw Savages in this all second division clash, first up saw Paul Thomas square off against Eric Roden, Paul took a commanding lead, but Eric fought back hard in the frame, which spurred Paul on to take the final couple of colours, the second frame had a familiar pattern but this time Eric took the frame potting the last three colours to earn a 1-1 draw, second match saw still newly signed player Dan Lawerence face Stephen Vallence,thie first frame was fairly easy to ref as a lot of reds were potted by each player but no colours to go with it, eventually Stephen took the first frame, but Dan upped his game in the second and took it, so half way stage the score was 2-2, next match saw Greg play Adrian, Adrian will admit it wasn't his best night of Snooker and the cunning Greg took both frames very comfortably, last but not least Shaun took on James, the match was very scrappy with neither player being able to show their true ability, Shaun took the first frame despite a valiant fight back from James, but the second frame Shaun finally strung some pots together and took the match 2-0, leaving the final score ESP A 6 Shaw Savages 2, man of the match went to Eric Roden for a fighting display

Good Bad & Ugly 3 - 5 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 07/10/2017
The first con club derby game of the season saw some great snooker from both teams. Up first was David Brown and George Apperley with a cracking opening frame taken by David with a good blue and pink. Frame two saw George continue to score well as David went off the boil. George taking the frame by 42pts. On table 2 we had Andy fair against David aitken both tough opponents which resulted in a tight match with some great safety and good long ball pots from David. David narrowly took the first and went on to take the second frame by a comfortable margin, winning 2-0. Mark brewin up next against Mike paduano. Both players struggling to get off to a quick start with some easy chances missed. However Mark got to the colours with healthy lead and then Mike taking green, brown, blue and pink. Leaving a black ball frame. Which was taken with a great pot to middle by mark. Mark went on from this to take the second frame with the pink avoiding another nervous black ball game. The final match off the night saw Norman byng and Andrew Seymour go at it. Norman starting brilliantly opening up a 40 point lead forcing Andrew to dig deep. He started to take his chances and mounted a great comeback taking the frame 53-42. Norman was really up against it in the second with Andrew showing signs of the quality player which he is, dominating the frame and winning 2-0. Newbury con club winning 5-3 on the night.

Shaw Raiders 1 - 7 ESP B Submitted: 06/10/2017
Shaw Raiders versus ESP B proved a profitable evening's snooker for the visiting team. ESP B's Wayne Racey was matched against Mike Ainsworth. Although Mike was by his own admission having an off-night, that took nothing away from Wayne's 2-0 victory. He potted well and thoroughly deserved to chalk-up his first two frames of the season by 47-17 and 63-44. Next, Raider's Mike Parry took on Mark Head. The first frame was fairly competitive until Mark began stringing together some decent pots and went on to win 55-27. With the first fame under his belt Mark played with relaxed confidence in the second and produced some good snooker to take the frame by a comfortable 85-20, finishing with a 20 break flourish. Mark Dunn's battle against ESP B's Paul Godwin produced two very entertaining frames. Mark took the first with a series of good pots 54-23 but Paul fought his way through the second to snatch it 42-34. Finally, Shaw Raiders' John Apicella played Richard Aldred. Frame one took a while to get going and at one stage looked to be heading for a stalemate but Richard gradually wore down his opponent to secure the frame 61-26. Frame two seemed a little closer but despite his best efforts John could not get the upper hand, partly due to a few missed opportunities and an unfortunate fluke in the final stages, enabling Richard to go on to win 54-23. So 7-1 to ESP B, a good night for the visitors but not so for the home team who have yet to discover the form they need to reach a healthier position in the league table.

Southern Comforts 7 - 1 ADC Submitted: 06/10/2017
A slightly different line up for the Comforts this week took on ADC Sarah opened up against Rob in the first match. Sarah taking the lead with Rob always chasing, a combination of snookers/flukes/bad luck saw him claw his way back into contention only to be beaten on the Black by a super long pot from Sarah. The second frame went much the same as the first with Rob felling hard done by. James took on Lee in a dull first frame which came to life a little in the colours as James took control to win the frame. We are not sure who came to the table in the second frame but he started with a break of 30 and potted at every visit to the table, well do Lee (or whoever you were lol) great second frame win. Sean played John with a relatively straightforward win for Sean in the First but a much closer frame in the second although it was the same final outcome. Paul played Mike and in their match is was Mike who kept pace with Paul up until the point Paul knocked in a break of 25 which sealed the frame win. The second frame started the same but it soon became apparent Paul had found his potting shoes as he waltzed around the table like it was a practice session as he secured the final frame points. First win of the season for the Southern Comforts in a great match with some great opponents.

The OddBalls 7 - 1 Castle A Submitted: 08/10/2017
Macauley Fyffe and Rob East played in the first match. Macca was all over the place in the first frame so Rob won comfortably. Macca started the second frame in the same way and Rob held a lead of 20. Suddenly Rob stopped scoring and Macca slowly narrowed the gap. A great pink by Macca ensured the frame went all the way, and after a battle on the black in which both had chances, Macca pulled another one out of the bag to pinch the frame. Sam Storey then faced Roy Young and it was Roy who took the lead before Sam slammed in a break of 42 to take the lead with the colours remaining. Roy was still in the frame but couldn't take the important colours to reduce the deficit. Roy wasn't able to get going in frame 2 which Sam took comfortably. Next was Rob Marks vs Dennis Doswell. In a scrappy first frame neither player could create a lead but Rob held his nerve to take the final pink and black to sneak the frame neither really deserved. In frame 2 Rob slowly opened up a lead which wasn't challenged. Dennis may have felt he deserved at least one frame, but he certainly won the battle of the trash talk! Finally Matty Fyffe kept up his 100% record, beating Rob Thomson in 2 close frames. Final score 7-1 to the Oddballs.

Castle A 5 - 3 ESP A Submitted: 03/11/2017
This rescheduled match took place in a fine spirit of an alcoholic haze, mild swearing, and some extreme flatulence in one or two cases. Rob Thomson for Castle A was drawn against Dan Lawrence for ESP A, a recent newcomer to the team who has come over from the dark side (i.e. pool...). Dan has clearly bought some good skills over with him as he despatched class player Rob in the first frame, beating him by 49-33. In the second frame, however, Rob bought his considerable experience to bear and evened things up with a 40-21 win to earn a 1-1 draw. The second match paired Rob East of Castle A against Shaun Amor for ESP A. These guys have had the odd tight tussle in the past, but in this meeting of the two players, Rob seemed to get the most outrageous run of the balls throughout both frames. Although Rob was playing ok, the snooker gods provided him with numerous fluked pots and unintended snookers, and this, combined with the bad luck Shaun was getting, resulted in a 2-0 win for Rob, winning by a margin of 27 points in the first and 67 points in the second. Fair to say, Rob was mightily embarrassed by the amount of spawn he had. Match three saw Nick Greetham for Castle A pitched against Greg Neil. Greg potted well in the first frame and won it comfortably by a margin of 22 points. In the second frame, Greg again scored a considerable number of points but this time many of them were scored for his opponent through a dazzling array of fouls. Apparently, Greg potted 11 or 12 of the 15 reds, but still contrived to not win the frame. In the end, Nick somehow managed to take the frame, winning by a clear 11 points without having to work too hard. Nick's draw meant that the worst the Castle could achieve was a 4-4 draw. The final match was Roy Young for Castle A against Phil (only here for the) Craik for ESP A. The first frame was pretty much one-way traffic with Phil leading all the way. With just a few balls left, Roy realised that there were still enough balls to win the frame and so he switched into overdrive. Roy is an expert at coming from behind, as the rest of his teammates can confirm, and he very nearly came back to take this one. It went all the way to the black, but in the end Phil held his nerve and twitchy bottom to take it and the frame. The next frame followed the same pattern as the first, with Roy putting in a fierce effort at the end of the frame to try and come from behind again, but this time the result was different. Roy held his nerve well to pot some great balls, taking blue, pink and black to pinch the frame by 5 points, earning himself the draw and the win for Castle A. Hurrah! A very enjoyable evening of snooker as ever between these two teams, and Castle A appreciated the pre-match visit to the OLA by a couple of ESP players, although we were suspicious that they were trying to spike our drinks with performance-diminishing whisky. Man of the match has been awarded to Castle A's Roy Young for coming back really well at the end of both of his frames, winning one of them to guarantee the win for the Castle.

ESP B 4 - 4 The OddBalls Submitted: 13/10/2017
A long evening saw the spoils shared between ESP B and The Oddballs. ESP got off to a winning start with Steve Cobb taking the 2 points up for grabs against Sam Storey. There was nothing in it for most of the first frame until a few unfortunate fouls by Sam, and a few fluked pots and snookers by Steve swung the match in Steve's direction. Wayne Racey and Macauley Fyffe played out a low scoring affair resulting in a frame a piece to make it 3-1 to ESP at the halfway mark. New Oddballs signing Mike Mitchell evened the match up by taking both points in a 2-0 defeat of Mark Head. Although a bit rusty, Mike's quality was evident but Mark was unable to take the few opportunities that came his way. Richard 'The Grinder' Aldred fluked the pink to take the first frame of his encounter with Matthew Fyffe. ESP in the box seat and as their second frame went on (and on, and on, and on!) it looked like Matthew had lost the will to live, but a good couple of pots on blue and pink after having a chat with himself got him over the line and square the match up at 4-4.

Good Bad & Ugly 1 - 7 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 15/10/2017
Great night of snooker between GBU and the crucible s&s club on Thursday night. Although the match result wasn't much of a surprise both teams played good snooker. Norman byng was up first against Chris rice. Norman potting well may have made chris worried early on but Chris played well and took both frames winning 2-0. On table two mark brewin took on Andy bolter. Some good safety exchanged in the opening frame with Andy taking his chances to secure the frame. Andy proceeded to get amongst the balls, scoring quickly and taking the second by over 60 points. 4-0 at the half way stage to the crucible. Matt Colley vs Neil Rampton in the third game saw possibley the best snooker of the night from Neil. Neil scored well in both frames leaving Matt chasing snookers at the end. Matt fought hard but wasn't able take a frame. Neil winning 2-0 and putting his team 6-0 ahead. Next for GBU was Andy fair up against Paul davis. Andy started well taking a 29 point lead. Paul not getting going at all early on was unable to close that gap. Andy going on to earn GBU their first point of the night. Paul turned the table on Andy in the seconded. Playing some of the best safety you will likely see all season. 1-1 it finished give the crucible s&s club a 7-1 away win keeping them top of the table. Thanks to all for an enjoyable night!

Document House 6 - 2 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 16/10/2017
Document house first player on was neil Winkworth who played George Appleby.. Neil looked in control at the start of frame then George started potting some incredible balls and cleared the coloures with a 38 break to take the first frame.. second frame neil found some form and took the frame comfortably.. next match on was Jon jo who played robin.. both potting some good balls was toe and toe then Jon jo took control and won the frame.. second frame Jon jo was in control and took the frame.. 2.0 Sharky Next on was a cracking game as dale Prout vs Andrew Seymour.. dale had a great 73 break and took the frame.. second frame Andrew had a few chances but was not at the races.. dale took the frame 2.0 dale.. next on we had phil Simmons who has been struggling with his form.. managed a 1.1 draw with dave.. dave took the first frame.. and phill potted 2 great balls at the end of the second frame to nick a draw..

Shaw Raiders 2 - 6 ADC Submitted: 13/10/2017
Shaw Raiders opening session against visitors ADC saw the home team's Brian Leonard in good form in frame one opposing the experienced John Collis, winning it 40-33 by producing the better potting accuracy. John managed to recover in frame two to take it 43-30 and level the score. Mike Parry proved unable to overcome ADC's Mike Lacey who, with better potting and making fewer errors, managed to keep his nose in front in both frames, winning 49-41 and 63-41, thus securing his first win this season. Next, Shaw's Mark Dunn versus Lee Collis was always going to be a tough one to call and so it turned out. Both players competed hard and gave little away easily. Lee took the first frame by 62-25 and Mark Responded in frame two with a well constructed break of 23, going on to win 51-26.Two good frames where both accepted the draw as an honourable result. Rounding off the evening's play were Shaw's John Apicella and ADC's Rob Hill. Despite John playing a reasonable standard of snooker and stringing together some decent pots Rob's play proved superior on the night resulting in his taking both frames 50-28 and 54-39. A good evening's snooker, especially for ADC who ran out 6-2 victors.

Southern Comforts 7 - 1 Shaw Savages Submitted: 13/10/2017
First game Paul taking on Eric. Paul taking control from the start with safety play and opening up the balls. Then suddenly Paul took the lead with a lovely break of 31. Eric was not getting much joy in the first frame so Paul took advantage and just pulled away to win first frame. However second frame was slightly different than the first both not scoring much to start with but then things changed and points were getting up on the board. Paul taking the lead with Eric trying to stay with Paul but that was a no go with Paul clinching the frame 2-0. Pat v Steve - first game was close all the way till Steve got a bit of run with potting green and norroly missing middle pocket hitting the middle pocket jaw and getting postion on brown then clearing up to pink great pink ball potted. Second frame Pat was in total control and not leaving Steve any chances and won comfortably. Sean v Ady - Sean won both his frames comfortably and was in total control and not leaving Ady to do anything. And lived happy ever after. Stephen v Sean - First frame was a wired one for Stephen but fun. With Sean doing all the work and taking a nice lead and keeping me off the table and with me playing catch up. Suddenly things turned in the frame for Stephen only leaving the last few balls on the table which Stephen took nicely leaving him on a tricky black to take frame. Decided to go for cross double which the black was heading into pocket but sadly white went in off for a respot black. Coin toss Stephen won the toss and stepped in and went for double connected it perfect and ended taking frame. 2nd frame was steady and yet again fun and enjoyable. Stephen took the lead holding Sean back and not letting him get close to him. Both players potting some lovely balls but Stephen had the upper hand and took frame.

ADC 5 - 3 Shaw Savages Submitted: 21/10/2017
ADC v Shaw savages....1st pair was Lee Collis v Steve Vallance. Lee and Steve were potting steadily and it came down to a black ball frame. Steve unfortunately put the white in and frame to Lee. 2nd saw Lee potting more steady and Steve not so Lee slowly getting ahead and taking it 43-17. Next was John Collis against James Bunting. John was very slow to start potting in the first but eventually began and comfortably took the 1st 58-11. 2nd was much the same but John slowly went ahead taking it 46-16. Next pair was Mike Lucey against Sean Moxon. 1st frame was a close affair upto the last few colours which Mike managed to pot taking the 1st 47-36 2nd saw Sean potting better and slowly crept ahead taking it 56-22. Last pair was Rob Hill v Eric Roden. Rob seemed below par in both frames not potting as usual but Eric was potting well in both and easily took both 61-26 and 55-35...

Crucible S&S Club 6 - 2 Castle A Submitted: 20/10/2017
Chris Rice put on a storming display in his first frame with Nick Greetham, firing in a well controlled 65 and another break of 33. The second was a different story but still a similar result again to Chris, 2-0 to The Crucible. Andy Bolter faced an in form Rob Thomson in the next match of the evening, this proved to be a proper battle of the cloth. Both players creating good chances, but Thomson came out the victor after knocking in a break of 25 and a nice little colour clearance in the first and another 25 in the second. Honours even at half way point! Mark Alexander played Rob East in the third battle, Alexander was very much in control in the first frame with a little 30 break. But the second frame was a different story with East raising his game and push Alexander to a blackball finish. 4-2 to the Crucible going into the last game. Paul Davis took out the last two frames of the evening against Pat Shaw, scoring wasn't too high but always see that Davis had the edge through both frames. Man of the match was up for grabs between two players, Chris Rice was in for a shout with his breaks of 65, 35 and 33. But honours had to go Rob Thomson for taking a both frames off Andy Bolter which rarely happens. Well played Rob!!

ESP B 7 - 1 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 20/10/2017
ESP B enjoyed a good 7-1 win over Good Bad & Ugly, but many frames were closer than the end scoreline suggests. Paul Godwin got ESP off to a winning start defeating Dave Brown 2-0. A 31 break from Paul in the 2nd frame and some rather unfortunate fouls by Dave being the difference. Mark Head extended ESP's lead to 4-0 at the halfway point taking both frames from Norman Byng. Norm needed a snooker with just pink and black remaining but Marks fortunate 24 foot double on the pink put paid to Norm's hopes. Mark found a similar shot in the second frame to seal his win. Steve Cobb and GBU's Andy Fair always seem to draw each other and always end up playing out closely fought matches. Andy built a healthy lead in the first frame which Steve clawed back to win on the pink. Steve was behind throughout the second frame and Andy needed blue to leave Steve requiring a snooker, but following his miss Steve took blue and pink, and snatched the frame with a double on the black. GBU avoided the whitewash as Mark Brewin took the first frame of his encounter with Richard Aldred. With the scond frame evenly poised, Richard found a break of 20 to square things up with Mark and sealed the 7-1 win.

Newb Cons Club 5 - 3 ESP A Submitted: 20/10/2017
Mike/Shaun. Mike made a good start to the frame. Slowly Shaun even the score. Both players then did some very good safety shots, but Shaun slowly took the lead. Mike came back to win the first frame 44-30. In the second frame Shaun took control of the frame by easing ahead. Mike can back to a very close finish, but Shaun won the frame 58-56. Robin/Paul. Lots of safety at the start of the frame. Robin wasn't to his usual form allowing Paul to score well. Robin had his chances, but Paul continued to score well winning both frames 45-20 & 53-17. Andrew/Phil. Andrew played extremely well making a good break of 32. Phil was unable to reply to Andrew's strength. Phil missed some easy balls. Andrew won 74-12. In the second frame it was a lot closer in the scoring all the way through the frame. Phil missed an easy final colour ball, allowing Andrew to win 60 -49. George/Dan. Both players potted some very good balls. George slowly took the lead, but Dan came back strongly making it black ball game. George won 52-45. George in the second frame took an early lead. Dan had his chances to come back missed out on potting a black, which would have made the scores almost even. George put on the pressure, by playing some very good safety. George won the frame 58-33. It was a very good friendly evening by both teams with lots of banter at the appropriate. times.

Shaw Raiders 0 - 8 Southern Comforts Submitted: 20/10/2017
Shaw Raiders' encounter with Southern Comforts saw John Apicella open against Paul Crutchley. Both frames appeared close according to the scoreline but Paul, curiously unappreciative of Shaw's quality table, managed to pull off enough shots to stay ahead of his opponent. Unfortunately, John left Paul too many scoring opportunities whilst failing to take advantage of his own. He lost both frames 47-37 and 48-38. Brian Leonard faced Comforts James Hearne, the latter taking frame one fairly easily 47-21. Frame two was much closer and Brian had a good chance to win it on the last pink but missed the pot and left it up for James to sink in the centre pocket and go on to take the black and frame 33-26. Next, Shaw's Mark Dunn versus Alex Hutchinson. The first frame was close but Alex edged it 51-41.The next saw Alex in commanding form and Mark playing somewhat under par, this combination resulting in a convincing win for Alex by 70-25 which included an impressive break of 22. Finally, Mike Ainsworth played Comforts Stephen Miles in what could well end up being one of the closest results recorded in the league this season - both frames being decided on a respotted black. Mike established an early lead in both frames only to be overhauled by Stephen with some notable potting and a really outstanding snooker escape in frame two which would have been worthy of any professional. Both frames eventually went Stephen's way 50-43 and 44-37 with some sympathy due to Mike as he played well and was unlucky to lose out on the points. Still, two great frames to watch. So, final score Shaw Raiders 0 Southern Comforts 8.

The OddBalls 2 - 6 Document House Submitted: 23/10/2017
Tony and Jonjo kicked off the match. A runaway start from Jonjo picking up a 38 break and a lead which was too much for Tony to claw back. Tony then showed some skills which have eluded him for a long time to take frame 2 on the pink. Tony gets MOTM simply because not many people take a frame from Jonjo. Meanwhile, Sam and Winky played on table 15. The early exchanges were cautious and both players struggled. Winky then gradually pulled away to take the frame on the colours. Sam seemed out of sorts and never got going in frame 2, while Winky took full advantage to seal the win. Mike Mitchell faced Wayne Brunsden in a very tight match. Mike gave up a decent lead in the first, but fought back to take the second to give the Oddballs their second point of the night. Both players scoring well. Finally Rob Marks tried to salvage something against Dale Prout. Despite neither player taking early chances Dale eventually got in the balls and took the first with ease. Dale then delivered the knock out blow with some decents breaks in the second leaving the final score 6-2 to Document House.

Castle A 4 - 4 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 31/10/2017
The first match pitched Castle A's Rob Thomson against Shaw Raiders' Mark Dunn. In their first frame, Rob sharpened his woggle, adjusted his neckerchief and started potting well, including a break of 24 along the way. Mark, finding himself behind, decided to punish the balls by whacking them, mostly into the centre of the pocket, and came back to take the frame by a slim margin of two points. In the second frame, Rob girded his loins, polished up his tip, and in a relatively low scoring frame did enough to keep Mark at bay and won 48-34 to earn the draw. The second match saw Castle A's follically-challenged captain, Rob East, playing Mike Parry, the captain of Shaw Raiders. Mike and Rob have been drawn against each other with annoying regularity over the years and have been involved in many fine matches. This wasn't one of them. Neither competitor was playing their finest snooker, but poor old Mike was further away from his usual standard than Rob was, and in the end, after playing a few unnecessarily mean snookers, Rob comfortably took the frame by a margin of 35 points. The second frame followed a similar path, although Rob's potting was a bit awry at one stage, missing several shots by the width of a very large barn door. However, Rob finished with a flourish by potting four extremely tricky balls in a row, from brown to black, to finish off with a 22 break and winning the frame by 49 points. Match three had Lee Gillingham for Castle A playing Mike Apicella of Shaw Raiders. Mike's tactic of trying to make Lee laugh by testing out his batch of 2017 Christmas cracker grandad jokes failed miserably, and Lee's solid play led him to beat John in the first frame by a score of 42-20. The second frame was much closer, but was most notable for what happened at the end. With just the pink and black left, Mike fouled on the pink and left a free ball. Much erudite discussion was had around the table about whether in these circumstances you can nominate black as free ball and snooker behind it (you can) and whether you can nominate black as free ball and use it in a plant to pot the real pink (you can). The other option would have been to put Mike back in as he was snookered on the pink. Lee likes a challenge, however, and opted to nominate black in an attempt to use it in a plant to pot the pink. The pink and black clearly weren't aware of Lee's plan and neither of them dropped into a pocket. After much ensuing messing about from both players, including a seemingly impossible miss on a black over the pocket by John, Mr. Apicella finally pocketed the black to take the frame and earn a 1-1 draw. The final match had two veteran cuesmiths squaring up to each other, with Castle A represented by inveterate trout tickler, Roy Young, and Shaw Raiders represented by the ever young Mike Ainsworth. In the first, Roy was keeping pace well with Mike in a close run frame, but in the end Mike did just enough to take it out of Roy's reach to win by a modest margin of 11 points. In the second frame, however, Mike stepped the pressure up and had Roy under the cosh much more than in the first. There were one or two odd shots from Mike, who completely missed the object ball a couple of times, leading us to speculate on whether the cause was a) a wonky table, b) a wonky cue or c) a wonky player. In any event, Mike powered away in this frame and finally won it convincingly with a score of 61-26 to earn a 2-0 win for himself and secure a 4-4 draw overall for his team. As usual with this bunch of old codgers (excluding Lee, who is a young codger) a very enjoyable evening of snooker and mild sweariness was had by all. Player of the match has been awarded to Mike Ainsworth, for his very solid play in securing the draw for his side and in giving us older boys encouragement that snooker isn't necessarily a young man's game!

ESP A 4 - 4 ADC Submitted: 31/10/2017
Esp A welcomed ADC to the crucible in the and Cabco league encounter. In the first match of the evening we saw Hannah Martin play Rob Hill. Hannah a little rusty after a long break took a while to find her feet, Rob took advantage and took the first frame 17|46. In the second frame Rob played well and made the most of Hannah missing match play and won 10|49. In the second game of the evening Paul Thomas played Mike Lucey. The first frame was very close but Paul took the frame 54|38. Roles reversed in the 2nd frame as Mike consistently made the important pots and took the frame 35|57. At the half way stage ADC lead 3-1. In the third match of the evening Phil Craik played John Collis. In the 1st frame Phil played well and won 53|21. In the 2nd frame Phil continued potting well and left John very few chances and took the frame 58|27. In the final match of the evening we saw Greg Neil play Lee Collis. As always Lee and Greg have a close battle which Greg won 51|29. In the 2nd frame Lee came back played well to take the frame 34|46. As always playing ADC is a close match against good friends. Final result 4|4. Man of the match goes to Mike Lucey for draw against Paul Thomas.

Good Bad & Ugly 7 - 1 The OddBalls Submitted: 29/10/2017
Good bad ugly take on the oddballs this week at the con club. Norman byng took on Matty fyffe in the first match winning two tight frames on the colours. 51-47 & 57-40 a great start for GBU. Mark brewin against macauley fyffe wasnt so close with Mark dominating both frames, scoring well and making macauley evening quite frustrating. That made it 4-0 at the half way stage. Andy fair and Tony lyles on next with a very close first frame. Andy taking it with some very strong safety play forcing several fouls from his opponent. The second frame saw lots more of the same with Tony unable to keep up with Andys scoring. Another 2 points for GBU. Duane puttock to the rescue in the final match taking the first frame 73-38 with some very good snooker against Jason byng. Duane was unable to take the second as Jason fought hard to complete an unexpected 7-1 victory for the home side taking the frame by just 3 points. The oddballs will be out for revenge later in the season.

Document House 6 - 2 ESP B Submitted: 31/10/2017
Document house vs ESPB First on we have Jonjo Sharkey vs Steve Cobb jonjo got to a good start potting very well made a break of 43 and took the frame. second frame jonjo potting well had a good lead but Steve was not going down without a fight and was 29 behind on the colours managed to get a snooker and take the frame. next on was Neil winkworth playing his cousin Wayne racey Neil did not play to his potential but managed to take both frames. dale prout vs mark head wow what can we say dale was on a different level this evening missed a pink on 95 amazing break.. next frame dale got in again to take the frame with a 48 and 32 top class from dale.. last of all was Wayne Brunsden vs Paul godwin. Wayne started of potting well had a break of 38 to take the first frame. Paul found his potting boots on in the next frame to take the frame..

Shaw Savages 2 - 6 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 01/11/2017
What a night had by all First up was Steve and Michele.with them trying for them two longest matches the league has ever seen Steve managed to take the first and then Michele the second. Next up was Sean and Andrew Sean tried his best and played some nice shots but Andrew took both frames easy. Next was Adrian and George. Both players played some really nice shots with so many good cuts they would of put a barber shop to shame especially George's very fine cut of the took both frames easy though. Last was Simon and Eric. Both frames were tight and could of gone either way. Think it ended in a fair result with Simon taking the first and Eric the second. Very enjoyable night though and quite a few laughs

Southern Comforts 0 - 8 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 31/10/2017
First up was Stephen Miles v Chris Rice. Stephen started of steady keeping Chris off the table for Stephen to get a lead of 15 points. Stephen played a safety shot thinking to him this safe but sadly it wasn't as Chris took on a long red and did not touch the sides and ended up with a 38 break and take a very nice lead and keeping Stephen away from potting anything and ended taking frame. Second frame was a no show for Stephen tried his best to keep Chris away but it couldn't happen with Chris nocking in another great 38 break and just pulling away to clinching second frame. Next up was Sarah Middleton taking on Andy Bolter. First frame was steady at start but then Andy was in control. Both potting some lovley balls and little safety play as well. Andy ended up pulling away and taking frame. Second frame was little different with Sarah taking a slight lead but not by much but then Andy managed to get in front and stay in front leaving Sarah 24 behind with only colours left on the table which Andy potted few colours and ended up taking the frame. On the other table Sean’s first frame against Mark was tit for tat with neither player potting well but Mark was slightly edging the luck side. Towards the end of the frame he applied the pressure and finished the stronger. In the second game mark came out much stronger and left Sean few chances to reply. In the chances he did get he just handn’t had the time at the table to make a serious challenge. Next on was James v Paul. Paul was similar to Sean’s first with neither playing well. Paul taking it as he got in to the flow of the table. In the second frame James played a safety shot and unfortunately the black went in the pocket. Paul them came to the table with a break of 30 and that set the tone for the frame with James getting his backside handed to him.

ADC 1 - 7 Newb Cons Club Submitted: 11/11/2017
ADC v Con Club....1st pair was John Collis v Mike Paduano. 1st frame John gave Mike 20 points total with fouls which helped Mike to take the 1st 41-20. 2nd frame was a closer affair and with only pink and black left Mike fluked the pink to take the frame 61-49. 2nd pair was Rob Hill against George Apperley. George was on good form and Rob not so, George easily took both frames 67-31 and 66-27. Last pair were Lee Collis against Andy Seymour. In the early stage of the 1st frame Lee was behind but slowly came through to take it 54-42. 2nd frame Andy was showing a different game and easily took it not missing much at all taking it 69-10. ADC only had 3 players so it was 2 frames to Con Club. 7-1 to Con Club

ESP B 5 - 3 Southern Comforts Submitted: 09/11/2017
ESP B enjoyed a good 5-3 win over Southern Comforts. The crunch game was between ESP's Mark Head and Comforts Paul Crutchly. A betting man would lump his cash on Paul, and he started the better of the two players. But some uncharacteristic misses along with Mark making the most of the opportunities that came his way ensured two close frames. And it was Mark who edged both frames in a player of the match performance. Comforts Stephen Miles took both frames against Wayne Racey to even the match score up at the halfway point. ESP's Steve Cobb got off to a flyer in his first frame against Sean O'Shea, which Sean was unable to recover from. The second frame was a closer affair but Steve wrapped it up with a clearance from brown to black. ESP's Tim Page struggled in his first frame against James Hearne, and with James taking the frame comfortably, the pressure was on Tim to seal the win for ESP. Tim upped his game but it went down to the last couple of colours where Tim held his nerve to pot the pink and confirm a 5-3 win.

Good Bad & Ugly 7 - 1 Shaw Savages Submitted: 12/11/2017
Thursday nights match at Newbury Conservative club saw GBU vs shaw savages. Up first was Andy fair against Eric roden. Frame one was very close, Andy taking it 52-43 and going on to win 2-0 with a good solid second frame winning 50-23. On table 2 mark brewin took on Stephen valance. Both players got off to a slow start in a low scoring frame Stephen making the most of the final few colours to win the frame with a very good blue, pink and black winning 40-25. Mark started the second frame well opening an early lead. Stephen fought hard to close the gap but without success. Mark leveling the Match 1-1 taking the second 69-36. On third was Norman byng and Sean moxon. Two good frames was a mixture of great potting and clever snooker from Norman saw him win both frames by 23pts. Sean not getting much luck on the night, losing 52-29, 66-43. David Brown was on last for GBU against Adrian Richardson from shaw. Early on in the first Adrian with some good potting took the lead, but some steady snooker from David got himself back into the frame and eventually winning 59-40. David carried on in the second making the most of his chances to win 67-23 and sealing back to back 7-1 victories for GBU.

Document House 8 - 0 Castle A Submitted: 22/11/2017
No Report

Shaw Raiders 2 - 6 ESP A Submitted: 10/11/2017
Shaw Raiders opening player Mark Dunn set off in impressive form against ESP-A's Phil Craik who never really got into his stride.Throughout both frames Mark potted consistently and made precious few mistakes resulting in frame scores of 64-15 and 72-20. However, Raiders promising start was not destined to continue as Brian Leonard took on ESP-A's Greg Neil. Brian began well enough and had several good chances in the first frame but after a shaky start Greg managed to overhaul his opponent's early lead and go on to win 57-23. Greg carried on in the second frame confidently never letting Brian get close enough to trouble him and took the frame with a comfortable score of 67-4. Next, ESP-A's James Craik was something of a revelation in his contest with John Apicella. In his own words James was "wheeled out of retirement" for this his first match of the season- and what a good decision it turned out to be !! Despite his lack of practice James potted extremely well from the off leaving John somewhat stunned and unable to offer much in the way of resistance as he had to watch his opponent take both frames 60-3 and 61-23. Finally, Raiders hopes rested with veteran Mike Ainsworth who faced Shaun Amor. It was clear from the start that Mike was out of form whilst by contrast Shaun was mixing up a variety of good attacking and safety play. As often the case, Mike did not get the run of the balls when he most needed it but Shaun maintained good solid snooker and deserved his 57-22 and 51-24 victory. Match result ESP-A 6 Shaw Raiders 2.

The OddBalls 2 - 6 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 11/11/2017
Match 1 saw rivals Rob Marks and Andy Bolter prepare themselves for yet another marathon safety battle. It certainly started that way as all reds moved to one side of the table before anything was potted. Some small mistakes from Rob let Andy start the scoring and build up a decent lead. Rob struggled to pot whereas Andy kept going. An easy frame for Andy. Rob fought back in the second, potting well to eventually seal the frame on the pink. Match 2 was between doubles partners Mike Mitchell and Mark Alexander. Mark held a decent lead throughout frame 1 and after fouling with one red left was 27 ahead. Step forward Mitch - red, yellow, followed by some ridiculously spectacular pots and position on the colours. A superb clearance of 30 to steal the frame and earn man of the match. Mark wasn't going to be mugged off for a second time and fired in a solid 38 to even things up. Chris Rice then showed Matty Fyffe how to play snooker. He dominated the first frame and, despite Matty putting up a decent fight in frame 2, never really looked in trouble. Finally Macca Fyffe played Crucible captain Paul Davis. Paul remained in control throughout while Macca was struggling to get out of the blocks. Final score 6-2 to Crucible.

Castle A 4 - 4 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 18/11/2017
Match 1: Rob Thomson (Castle A) vs Dave Brown (Good, Bad and Ugly). In the first frame Dave was potting some great balls leaving Rob playing catch up for most of the frame. Although Rob started finding his range further into the frame it wasn't quite enough to prevent Dave from running out the winner by 13 points. In the second frame, Rob was edging things and was 13 points up with just the pink and black left, when Dave chose that moment to pot two cracking balls to take the frame to a respotted black. After a bit of fannying about from both players, Rob took a tricky pot on and slotted the vital black in to take the frame and earn the 1-1 draw. Match 2: Pat Shaw (Castle A) vs Andy Fair (Good, Bad and Ugly). Both players struggled with the pace of the table a bit, finding it running on the slow side. Andy seemed to cope with conditions better in the first frame, and with the aid of a couple of double figure breaks from him and some judicious leaving of some balls over the pocket by Pat, Andy took the frame by a comfortable margin of 36 points. Andy continued potting well in the second frame, and although Pat potted some good balls here and there it was not enough to eat into Andy's lead. Andy finally took the second frame by a score of 63-22 to take the match 2-0. So at half time, the mighty Castle were 3-1 down to the Uglies. Could the Castle come back in the second half? Would Pat ever forgive Roy for drinking his whisky? Would Rob Thomson ever manage to swat the fly that was dive bombing both tables? To find out the answer to these questions and more, read on.... Match 3: Rob East (Castle A) vs Norman Byng (Good, Bad and Ugly) Castle A's ageing captain (and amateur whisky connoisseur) Rob turned the clock back in this match and was in the zone against Norman. Rob was potting well from the very beginning of the first frame, and, slotting in a break of 39 along the way, had Norman under the cosh throughout, finally taking the frame by a margin of 50 points. Although there were no breaks of note in the second frame, Rob continued scoring heavily and in the end Norman conceded with a few colours left on the table, the frame score being 83-35. A 2-0 win for Rob. Match 4: Roy Young (Castle A) vs Mark Brewin (Good, Bad and Ugly) In the first frame Mark was potting well, whereas Roy was struggling with the pace of the table, leaving a few balls over the pocket and which Mark was more than happy to pot. Mark powered away, but Roy finally woke up and when it came to the colours Roy took them up to and including the blue in a couple of visits, but still needed a snooker with just the pink and black left. Mark had a huge piece of bad luck when he went for the pink and the white ricocheted off and knocked the black into a corner pocket. Houdini Young then proceeded to take both pink and black to win the frame by a score of 47-45. Phew! In the second frame Mark was always well in control and heavily outscored Roy who conceded with the pink and black left on the table and many snookers needed. Mark took the second frame by a margin of 44 points to earn a 1-1 draw. So in the end, a mightily relieved Castle A were pleased to get a 4-4 draw against their first division opponents. A very enjoyable evening was had by all, apart from the pesky fly which Rob Thomson finally stunned by hitting it with a box lid, and which Rob East despatched with his size 10 boot. R.I.P. Freddy the Fly. Although it goes against his nature, Castle A's captain Rob East has acceded to his teammates' demand that he nominates himself as player of the match for scoring heavily, getting a decent break and taking the final frames to earn the draw for the team.

Crucible S&S Club 8 - 0 ADC Submitted: 18/11/2017
League leaders Crucible looked to maintain there winning as they entertained ADC, the task was made slightly easier as ADC could only manage 3 players for the fixture. So 2 nil Crucible before a ball was hit. So Crucible captain Paul Davis was first up against Rob Hill. After a slow start by both players Crubile captain showed the way forward for the nights proceeding wrapping up 2 frames in quick fashion with a 32 break in the second frame. 4-0 at the at the Half way point. Crucibles senior legend Andy Bolter took on ADC's captain/legend John Collis. Andy scored heavy in both frames scoring at ease and adding 2 more frames for the Crucible, 6 - 0. In the final match it wasn't getting any easier for ADC up next for the Crucible was the inform Chris Rice against Lee Collis . The match started with some great safety play from both players before Rice edge into a lead. Collis wasn't going to be a push over and pulled the frame back to be decided on the final colours. Collis had his chances to take a rare frame from Rice but it was to be the ever reliable Rice to seek over that winning line to make it 7-0 Crucible with 1 frame remaining. The 2nd frame had more of a normal feel to it with Rice taking a early lead and building on that lead taking the second frame. Final match score 8-0 Crucible, a good night of snooker for all who played

ESP A 0 - 8 Document House Submitted: 22/11/2017
As expected it was to be a tough evening for ESP. Greg gave Neil a good match and was unlucky not to pinch a frame. Neil won 43|55 and 37|47. Dan played Dale and the game was very one sided. Dale took both frames 18|61 and 9|66. Phil and Jonjo had a close first game, but Jonjo showed his experience and won both frames 41|62 and 24|60. Shaun played Harry and harry played well and earned man of the match with his 28|80 and 29|57. Well played guys!

Newb Cons Club 4 - 4 ESP B Submitted: 18/11/2017
Andrew/Mark. Andrew was in his usual form of play, potting some very good balls. Mark had his chances in each of the games. But Andrew was too strong winning both the frames. 69-23 & 57-35. Michele/Richard. Michele wasn't playing to his standard, allowing Richard to score well in small breaks. Michele did have his chances in the first frame. Richard easily took the first frame 60-19. It was a complete different story in the second frame. Michele started to play well, taking a good lead. Richard started to miss some easy balls. Michele easily won 80-44. George/Paul. George was very confident around the table, potting some very good balls. Paul wasn't able to catch up allowing Gorge to win the first frame 50-15. In the second frame it was a lot closer in the scoring, Paul eventually won the frame 60-48. Simon/Steve. Simon wasn't playing to his usual standard of play. Steve made a very good break of 31. Steve to run away with the first frame 63-19. In the second Simon improved on his snooker making it a closer game with Steve. Steve continued to play well, by potting some very good long balls. Steve also won the second frame 63-37. Fair result for the evening at 4-4.

Shaw Savages 4 - 4 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 23/11/2017
The first Shaw showdown Up first was Steve playing mark where the first frame seemed to be close with both having chances but Mark took it in the end. The second frame Mark took easy. Next was Eric and Boberic seemed to push hard and took both frames even though Bob was trying trick shots in the top pocket. Next up was Sean and Mike.a good battle was had between these two but Sean got a 22 in the first and took the frame. The second Mike seemed to be about to win when Sean pulled it back and took the frame . Last was ady and Mike who stood in at the last min. Ady didn't seem to get into the frames and Mike took both easy. This gave us our first draw of the season and a great night

Southern Comforts 2 - 6 The OddBalls Submitted: 05/01/2018
First up was Paul Crutchley v Tony Lyles and Stephen Miles v Rob Marks. Paul Crutchley against Tony Lyles and it was Tony who got the better of Paul early on with Paul missing some uncharacteristic chances and Tony taking his chances to take the first frame. The next frame saw both players struggling for form and so it went down to the final colours for Paul to level the match. In the match between Stephen and Rob this wasn't the result that Stephen was expecting. Stephen couldn't get to grips with table and control of the game in the first and second game. However Rob did clinched the first frame very quickly by getting a big lead with some fantastic snooker play and getting a very nice break of 30 leaving Stephen a lot to do. Things went bad to worse for Stephen when Rob just pulled away and destroying Stephen 90 - 17. Second match was little different to the First, Stephen keeping up with Rob and keeping scores tight but then Rob stepped up a gear and left Stephen behind to take frame. Rob was unstoppable. Up Second was Alex v Mike and Sean v Duane. Alex Hutchinson played Mike Mitchell and it started with both players looking rusty and missing easy pots with Mike taking the first frame on the blue. The next frame was a different story and both players pulled off some fantastic pots and breaks. Alex needed all the colours to win the frame and he potted all in succession up to the black, having jawed it which allowed Mike to pot a good long black to steal the frame and match 2-0. In the match between Sean and Duane the first frame was a strange one for swan not getting much run of the table but was tight between each other but then things turned with Duane getting a 32 break to get a healthy lead and to take frame. Second frame tho g change with Sean showing what he is capable on a snooker table taking control and getting frame to make it a well deserved draw.

Crucible S&S Club 7 - 1 ESP B Submitted: 05/12/2017
Top of the table crucible entertained 3rd in the table ESP B. Crucible got off to a fast start with Andy Bolter taking 2 frames in comfortable fashion against Wayne Racey. Match 2 was the most contested match of the night Crucibles Alexander up against ESP’s Steve Cobb. In typical fashion Alexander raced into a comfortable early lead, though Cobb had his chances to get back in the frame. Alexander returned to finish the frame in the same fashion as he started 3-0 Crucible. Cobb was in no mood to give up and battled away in the second as you would expect and kept Alexander in touching distance all the way, the frame was to be decided on the final black. It was the fighting spirit of Cobb who came out on top snatching the frame on the black. Crucible 3-1 up at the half way point. Up next was Crucibles Craig Marsh against ESP’s Richard (tricky) Alfred. Marsh wasn’t messing around and didn’t have any problems in taking both frames with the help of a 32 break along the way, 5-1 Crucible Last match of the night was Crucibles man of the moment Chris Rice against ESP’s in form man this season Paul Godwin. Rice showed why he’s hard to beat given Godwin little chance only allowing him to score 13 points in both frames, definitely unlucky 13 for Paul!! Rice got another 2 frames this season scoring well with two 30 plus breaks making the result 7-1 Crucible.

ESP A 5 - 3 The OddBalls Submitted: 04/12/2017
Esp A welcomed Oddballs to the crucible in the / Cabco league encounter. First up we saw Greg play Matthew. In the first frame Greg couldn't miss, with the help of 25 break and leaving Matthew very few chances he won the frame 66|13. In the second frame Matthew got into the frame and gave Greg a decent game, but Greg played well and took the frame 46|34. In the second match of the evening Shaun played Macauley. The first frame was a little one sided as Shaun took his chances and won the frame 65|24. The second frame was a lot closer, but Shaun went on to win 40|28 In the third match of the evening Phil played Rob. As in previous encounters Rob took control of both the frames and cruised to a pretty easy 2-0 21|58 and 9|66. In the final match of the evening Paul played Tony. Both frames were pretty close and a draw was a fair result! 52|30 and 46|64. I fun evening as always playing the Oddballs and perhaps a surprising victory to ESP A. 5:3 man of the match goes to Greg!

Newb Cons Club 8 - 0 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 02/12/2017
George/Mike. Both players started the game with lots of safety. George slowly took the lead, as Mike was unfortuniate missing vital colours. George won 54-19. It was a lot closer in the second frame, with niether of them taking a definite lead. Mike missed the final black allowing George to win 65-54. Michele/John. Michele totally out played John in both the frames, scoring mini breaks. John potted some good balls and had chances to score. Michele won 84-28 & 65-35. Dave/Bob. Dave started the game very well with two small breaks of 20 & 21. Bob wasn't up to his usual standard of play, allowing David to easily win the both of the frames 86-7 & 62-21. Andrew/Mark.Mark started the frame well, by potting some very good balls. Andrew slowly came back, making it a close finish. Andrew won the first frame 59-46. In the second frame Andrew took total control of the frame, keeping Mark pinned to the end cushion most of the time, not allowing Mark to score. Andrew play was outstanding, just like John Higgins as regards the safety play. Andrew won 53-3. It was a pleasure to watch the frame. Very good friendly evening with plenty of good banter going around at the appropriate times.

Shaw Savages 1 - 7 Castle A Submitted: 04/12/2017
Another good night had by all First up was James against Dennis. Dennis took command of both frames and james could not keep up at all so 2 to Dennis. Next was Eric and pat. Both frames we evenly matched and a good battle was going on so a fair result with one frame each. Now it was Sean and Rob. Both frames started like they were going to be good fights but Sean lost it and Rob ran away with both frames. Last left Roy on his own as my player didn't bother so Roy got both easy

Southern Comforts 7 - 1 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 05/12/2017
Sean v Mark. First frame Sean takes little lead against Mark. Few safety shots from both players. Mark took lead which he held for a while until Sean was 13 behind 13 on for respot black. Sadly not Sean night leaving pink over pocket for Mark to take frame. Second frame little differen than the first. Both plays not finding much Mark behind needing brown blue pink black to draw level for respot black. Ended Mark needing one snooker but nothing came and Sean took frame for a 1-1. Paul v Sam. Starting out Sam was a bit rusty (by his own admission), but played some great safety which put Paul on the back foot, but an early foul by Sam gave Paul some initiative and got Sam tight on the cushion. Sam couldn’t get back to safety and left Paul in the balls. Starting out Paul played some tight position play to get the pink back on its spot and release the black. Then as the main pack opened up Paul had the chance he’d been waiting for, and really motored, potting red and high colour down to the last 2 reds, unfortunately miscued on the black but a lovely 62 break. Second frame Sam was a bit shell shocked and made an early error on a safety leaving Paul in the balls again. Paul got to 33 and jawed the black with a couple of open reds! Still, the frame was taken away from Sam who tried to get back in touch but just couldn’t get motoring. 2-0. Alex v Andy. This was a tussle of an epic proportion. Both players a bit tight and rusty so it seemed, with long safety (I call them safety), and all the reds seeming to hide on the right hand cushion. Slowly, Slowly red following red made a run for it, and it seemed like Andy was taking the upper hand. Alex however had other plans! Once they’d frightened the reds away, Alex took the initiative and clawed back the deficit to take the frame. Second was a slightly more aggressive frame with pots flying in off all cushions and an open table. Alex had warmed up a bit and kept a healthy lead throughout, and took the frame on the blue. Stephen v Neil. First frame was all very steady at first from both players a lot of safe play with some great shots and snooker from both. But then things changed with Stephen taking lead and putting together a 40 break to take frame. Second frame was a battle at start again with Stephen taking slight lead them things happened black over hole surrounded by bunch of reds which made it hard to take anything. Suddenly Stephen made a safety shot but red clipped the black in leaving Neil to take the frame with all the reds in a right place to clear but did not happen and left Stephen with long red to cut in and split the reds and cruised to take second frame. SC get a 7-1 victory over....Norms GBU

ESP B 7 - 1 ADC Submitted: 15/12/2017
ESP B enjoyed a good 7-1 win over ADC, although it was unfortunate that ADC could only field 3 players due to man flu. ESP's Paul Godwin played well against Rob Hill with a break of 24 in each frame. Rob was also feeling under the weather but battled well in both frames. Mark Head and Lee Collis enjoyed and entertaining couple of frames, with Mark taking both frames on the pink to put ESP 6-0 up. Last up was ADC's John Collis against Steve Cobb. John played extremely well in both frames, and in the first could not do much wrong and potting for fun while Steve struggled and could not prevent John from getting a point on the board for ADC. Steve recovered to take the second frame though to complete the 7-1 win, but no doubt about player of the match going deservedly going to John. Have a great Xmas guys.

Good Bad & Ugly 5 - 3 Shaw Raiders Submitted: 17/12/2017
This week at Newbury con club saw good, bad & ugly take on shaw raiders. On table one Norman byng got the GBU off to a great start beating Mike parry 2-0. 65-17 & 60-25. Mike ainsworth was on top form on table two quickly bringing the match level at 2-2 defeating mark brewin 2 frames to nil. 48-28 & 68-37. Game three saw a solid performance from dave Brown against John apicella. Dave taking his chances and winning both frames 51-15 & 54-12. GBU lead 4-2. Giving Mark Dunn a tough job to do to level up the match in the last against Andy fair. But Mark started well taking the first frame with probably the best snooker of the evening 63-33. The second frame had it all, great potting and safety from both players. With the frame level and only the colours left. Mark Dunn very sportingly stopped his opponent from playing a foul shot following a free ball incident. Top bloke! And as a result handed the advantage back to Andy. Andy went on to take it with the last few colours 63-41. Giving GBU a narrow 5-3 win against a brilliant group of guys from Shaw!

Shaw Savages 1 - 7 The OddBalls Submitted: 18/12/2017
First up was ady and Tony. Andy did a few good shots but Tony was stronger in both frames even though day had his chances.tony took both in the end. Second was James and Macca James put on a valiant effort and had some good shots plus also had help from Maccas fouls but Macca took both frames in the end. Next was Eric and Rob. Rob took control of the first frame and won it easy but Eric fought back in the second and won it. Last was Sean and Sam. Sam came out fighting and did a very nice 35 break in the first but Sean fought back and it became close but Sam took it in the end. The second frame started close but Sam pulled away and took the second as well. A good night with some good shots and safety play.

Southern Comforts 2 - 6 Document House Submitted: 18/01/2018
Both Dale and Paul started off with some tight safety, but also both having some unfortunate luck, with 30 points in fouls within the first 10 minutes. Neither relented on the safety however and the balls got a bit messy and tight. Paul managed a nice 22 but messing up position on the blue, now what was opening up to a nice table. It was close all the way, Paul potting the last red but again going in-off. Both Dale and Paul trading safety Dale left Paul a blue blouse to the pocket, Paul potting and going in off! Dale saw out the first. Second frame Dale broke off leaving a red, Paul, potting, opening up the pack and luckily ending up plum on the black. Potting the black but missing position Paul went for a tough red in the middle and narrowly missing. With the reds open and a good starter Dale was off and running, with great potting and position neatly making a 52 before breaking down. Paul a bit rattled never really got going and the frame was academic. 2-0 Dale and a fine 52. Both Stephen and Winky started off slow at first but things changed Winky took lead but Stephen did catch up to make it a little tight in middle of the game with some nice shots and potting but then winky turned it up the heat and pulled away leaving Stephen no chance to get back in frame. Second game was little like the first both playing ok but Winky more on form and just leaving Stephen with not much. First frame was really close. Literally neck and neck up until the colours where harry potted the blue forcing James to try to get a snooker which he never did. Either player could have won that frame but harry did. The second frame was a more 1 sided affair with harry playing really well and dropping in long posts for fun.

ADC 3 - 5 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 13/01/2018
ADC v GBU...once again ADC only had 3 players and the first up was Lee Collis against Norman Byng. 1st frame saw Lee potting quite well and Norman not so Lee taking it 56-12. 2nd frame was a much closer affair neither potting very much and the frame came to a black ball one with scores at 28-33. Norman potted it taking the 2nd 40-28. Next pair were Rob Hill v Andy Fair. Once again Andy was having potting probs and Rob easily taking the frame 46-16. 2nd frame was a much closer game which came down to the last colours Andy taking it 60-47. Last pair were John Collis against Matt Colley. John was missing quite a few easy pots and Matt wasn't Matt taking the 1st 65-35. last frame of the evening roles were reversed Matt missing and John not and he took the last frame 63-37. So with ADCs no show (lose) GBU took the match 5-3.

ESP A 2 - 6 ESP B Submitted: 12/01/2018
ESP A squared off against their fierce rivals ESP B in this grudge match, first match saw Greg face Mark, the first frame Greg couldn't get going and Mark took advantage taking the frame 60-18, the second frame was a much tighter affair, but again Mark took it 54-36, second match was between Paul and Richard, Paul played some great Snooker in the first frame with breaks of 27 and then a clearance of 22 to easily take the frame 77-17, the second frame was a lot different as Richard used his Snooker knowledge well and slowed Paul down with some good safety play, and an exchange in which not a single ball was potted for at least twenty minutes, finally Paul had a chance to take the frame and potted the Pink but missed the black which Richard then took leaving Richard with a 51-45 victory, third match saw debutant Chris Parsons play against the in form Steve Cobb, Chris potted some good balls but couldn't find a colour to with his potted reds, Steve played some good stuff and always kept himself well in front in both frames and took them both 60-27 and 66-32, last but not least stand in skipper Shaun Amor took on Paul Godwin, Paul wasn't up to his usual standard in the first frame and left Shaun on most times which he took full advantage of and won the first 68-38, the second was a completely different frame, as Paul showed his true class with a mixture of excellent pots and safety play, Shaun struggled and although he tried laying a few Snookers at the end Paul was more than capable of escaping them and won the frame 62-38 Man of the match goes to Steve Cobb, as he continues to look impressive this season as the League A stats show, a good evening had by all

Document House 8 - 0 Shaw Savages Submitted: 15/01/2018
first game on was Jonjo who was in control of both frames. won 2 0 next game on was dale who was potting well and won 2.0 next game on was Neil Winkworth who came out of the blocks had a 48 break and won the frame. next frame Neil was potting very well and had a 41 and 38 break and won the frame.. document house 8 shaw savages 0

Newb Cons Club 4 - 4 The OddBalls Submitted: 13/01/2018
Michele/Matthew. Both players at the start, did some very good safety shots. Very even match, until Michele took a slight lead. Matthew had his chances to come back. Michele won 47-24. Second game the role was reversed with Matthew out potting Michele. Matthew continuedto play well potting some very good balls. Matthew won the frame 54-36. Dave/Macauley. In both games David easily out potted Macauley. Macauley had his chances in both the games. Dave played well winning both frames 66-8 and 84-11. Andrew/Sam. Both players started the frame slowly. Andrew took a slight lead. Sam potted some very good balls. Andrew continued to score well winning the first frame 68-26. In the second frame Sam came alive potting some very good balls. Andrew tried to fight back, all on the last 3 colours. Sam eventually won 54-39. Simon/Tony. Simon wasn't up to his usual form of play. Giving Tony the run of the table. Tony potted some very balls making some mini breaks. Simon tried to come back, but Tony was too strong winning both frames easily 52-17 and 53-10.

Shaw Raiders 0 - 8 Crucible S&S Club Submitted: 12/01/2018
League leaders Crucible Sports and Social made a profitable visit to Shaw Club to further secure their top spot. They took on home side Shaw Raiders in a one-sided yet enjoyable match. First up was Shaw's Bob Low who seemed a little rusty due to a brief recent lay-off and had the added problem of facing Andy Bolter who was in good form. Bob played well in patches but could not contain Andy who won both frames 53-22 and 57-18 which included a decent break of 24. Next, Brian Leonard took on Crucible's Mark Alexander who never looked in serious trouble, although Brian did put in a stronger performance in frame two when Mark had to work a bit harder to win it. Mark secured both frames 52-24 and 49-30. This was followed by Shaw's Mark Dunn up against a very capable Craig Marsh who played well throughout with some solid potting and punishing safety play. Mark unusually missed a number of relatively easy shots, but this was to take nothing away from Craig's performance in winning 61-24 and 69-15 comprising several mid20's breaks. Lastly. Mike Ainsworth played the visitors' Chris Rice. Chris won both frames 67-24 and 68-30 which included a solid 26 break in frame one. Although Mike never gave up he was playing mostly catch-up and was unable to put Chris under any real pressure. So, a very enjoyable evening's snooker for all involved ending with an emphatic 8-0 victory for Crucible S.S

Southern Comforts 6 - 2 Castle A Submitted: 15/01/2018
Paul v Pat. After the pleasant banter and character assassination you’d normally expect from Castle (all in good cheer). Paul set off like a train against Pat into a 35 point lead. A tale of 2 halves this frame though. Pat whilst floundering on an icy fast table, managed to move colours into difficult spots and potted some decent balls. Some clever talking in between shots and general merriment later it was down to pink and black. Paul taking the Pink to finish off frame 1. Pat must have dropped off in frame 2, but Paul carried on the early frame 1 form to take this frame by the time the colours we left. Pat struggled on but to no avail. 2-0 Paul. Pat played Roy on the other table which was also surprisingly fast. Pat going out his job with consistency with Roy at his heels, pushing him all the way. Pat winning both frames without too much hassle but Roy deserved his time at the table and had chances to win earlier in the frames. James took to the table against Lee and it was a struggle for both players. Lee the slightly better player as James missed shot after shot all the way through the frame. Lee eventually winning with some tidy potting. In the second frame the quality of snooker was better with both players neck and neck but as they got to the last few reds James finally found a small amount of skill and started to play, taking control of the frame and winning. A fair result for this pair to draw. The next match saw flying high Alex against rampant Rob East. Steely silence came to table 12 (so it was clear who made all the noise in Match 1 eh Rob). Both players got to grips with the table remarkably quickly, Alex taking the early initiative and slotting a nice 32, and taking frame 1. Frame 2 however saw Rob getting his gear down and turning the afterburners on to stretch out a lead with his own 30 break, and keeping up the pressure managed to take frame 2. It was almost a good match to watch and probably other than going home was the highlight of the evening. Castle really do have that amazing mix of good humour coupled with respect and an ability to make the night fun.

Castle A 3 - 5 ADC Submitted: 19/01/2018
This is a report of last night's snooker match between Castle A and ADC - the first ever snooker match played in sub-zero temperatures (or at least it felt like it). Either somebody had forgotten to put ten bob in the leccy meter, or the club's aircon was knackered. I'm not saying it was cold, but brass monkeys were going around lagging each other, and one of ESP A who shall remain nameless (well, it was Phil Craik) looked as though he was togged up for an Arctic expedition. Match 1: Nick Greetham of Castle A vs Lee Collis for ADC In frame 1, once his teeth had stopped chattering, Nick was playing quite well and was pleased to go into the final colours with a lead of 8 points, thinking he was in with a chance of taking the frame. Lee, rather selfishly, decided to pot all of the colours in one visit with a very nice clearance of 27 to take the frame, and to cruelly dash poor old Nick's hopes of glory. The second frame wasn't quite as close, with Lee running out a comfortable winner by a margin of 43 points, popping in a break of 22 points along the way. Match 2: Rob East for Castle A vs Rob Hill of ADC In the first frame the balls went extremely ugly, unlike the two players, and there was little opportunity for a free-flowing potting frame. Both players potted the odd good ball - equally, they both missed a few sitters! At the business end of the frame there was only a few points in it, when Rob Hill left Rob East a tricky cut on the pink in the middle, with the white badly hampered by the black. East went for the shot, and was so gobsmacked by how far out he was with the pot that he didn't notice his cue clatter onto the black as he played, but fortunately one of his teammates spotted it and Rob Hill gratefully accepted the 7 points, and equally gratefully potted the pink to take the frame. The second frame wasn't much better than the first, with no real breaks from either player. It was down to pink and black again, and after much fannying about from both players, Rob Hill was steadier and potted the balls that mattered to take the second frame and deservedly win the match. Match 3: Roy Young for Castle A vs John Collis for ADC Both of these veterans had to be revived from their cryogenic suspension before play could commence, having stood around in the cold for about an hour. Both chaps were fairly evenly matched throughout the first frame, with Roy knuckling down well at the end to pot some good balls to take the frame by a margin of 9 points. Roy is renowned for his knuckle work, shuffling them quite frequently. Having won no frames so far, the Castle A side were mightily relived that Roy had taken a frame and spared their blushes. Just as well he did, as in the second frame John played the steadier of the two and in the end ran out the winner by a margin of 11 points to earn the 1-1 draw. Match 4: Nosho Wynne (Castle A) vs Nosh O'Loos (ADC) Nosho Wynne for Castle A was magnificent, winning both frames without taking his cue out of his case. Nosh O'Loos for ADC was very poor - it was almost as if he wasn't there. So the overall result was a 5-3 victory for ADC, which was very well done considering they were a man down for this fixture. Man of the match has been awarded to Lee Collis, for coming from behind to take the first of his two frames with a very nice colour clearance of 27 points. It's always great fun playing this bunch, regardless of the result, and this evening was no different. Cheers chaps.

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