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Recent Match Reports (for NWN)

Southern Comforts 2 - 6 Document House Submitted: 18/01/2018
Both Dale and Paul started off with some tight safety, but also both having some unfortunate luck, with 30 points in fouls within the first 10 minutes. Neither relented on the safety however and the balls got a bit messy and tight. Paul managed a nice 22 but messing up position on the blue, now what was opening up to a nice table. It was close all the way, Paul potting the last red but again going in-off. Both Dale and Paul trading safety Dale left Paul a blue blouse to the pocket, Paul potting and going in off! Dale saw out the first. Second frame Dale broke off leaving a red, Paul, potting, opening up the pack and luckily ending up plum on the black. Potting the black but missing position Paul went for a tough red in the middle and narrowly missing. With the reds open and a good starter Dale was off and running, with great potting and position neatly making a 52 before breaking down. Paul a bit rattled never really got going and the frame was academic. 2-0 Dale and a fine 52. Both Stephen and Winky started off slow at first but things changed Winky took lead but Stephen did catch up to make it a little tight in middle of the game with some nice shots and potting but then winky turned it up the heat and pulled away leaving Stephen no chance to get back in frame. Second game was little like the first both playing ok but Winky more on form and just leaving Stephen with not much. First frame was really close. Literally neck and neck up until the colours where harry potted the blue forcing James to try to get a snooker which he never did. Either player could have won that frame but harry did. The second frame was a more 1 sided affair with harry playing really well and dropping in long posts for fun.

Castle A 3 - 5 ADC Submitted: 19/01/2018
This is a report of last night's snooker match between Castle A and ADC - the first ever snooker match played in sub-zero temperatures (or at least it felt like it). Either somebody had forgotten to put ten bob in the leccy meter, or the club's aircon was knackered. I'm not saying it was cold, but brass monkeys were going around lagging each other, and one of ESP A who shall remain nameless (well, it was Phil Craik) looked as though he was togged up for an Arctic expedition. Match 1: Nick Greetham of Castle A vs Lee Collis for ADC In frame 1, once his teeth had stopped chattering, Nick was playing quite well and was pleased to go into the final colours with a lead of 8 points, thinking he was in with a chance of taking the frame. Lee, rather selfishly, decided to pot all of the colours in one visit with a very nice clearance of 27 to take the frame, and to cruelly dash poor old Nick's hopes of glory. The second frame wasn't quite as close, with Lee running out a comfortable winner by a margin of 43 points, popping in a break of 22 points along the way. Match 2: Rob East for Castle A vs Rob Hill of ADC In the first frame the balls went extremely ugly, unlike the two players, and there was little opportunity for a free-flowing potting frame. Both players potted the odd good ball - equally, they both missed a few sitters! At the business end of the frame there was only a few points in it, when Rob Hill left Rob East a tricky cut on the pink in the middle, with the white badly hampered by the black. East went for the shot, and was so gobsmacked by how far out he was with the pot that he didn't notice his cue clatter onto the black as he played, but fortunately one of his teammates spotted it and Rob Hill gratefully accepted the 7 points, and equally gratefully potted the pink to take the frame. The second frame wasn't much better than the first, with no real breaks from either player. It was down to pink and black again, and after much fannying about from both players, Rob Hill was steadier and potted the balls that mattered to take the second frame and deservedly win the match. Match 3: Roy Young for Castle A vs John Collis for ADC Both of these veterans had to be revived from their cryogenic suspension before play could commence, having stood around in the cold for about an hour. Both chaps were fairly evenly matched throughout the first frame, with Roy knuckling down well at the end to pot some good balls to take the frame by a margin of 9 points. Roy is renowned for his knuckle work, shuffling them quite frequently. Having won no frames so far, the Castle A side were mightily relived that Roy had taken a frame and spared their blushes. Just as well he did, as in the second frame John played the steadier of the two and in the end ran out the winner by a margin of 11 points to earn the 1-1 draw. Match 4: Nosho Wynne (Castle A) vs Nosh O'Loos (ADC) Nosho Wynne for Castle A was magnificent, winning both frames without taking his cue out of his case. Nosh O'Loos for ADC was very poor - it was almost as if he wasn't there. So the overall result was a 5-3 victory for ADC, which was very well done considering they were a man down for this fixture. Man of the match has been awarded to Lee Collis, for coming from behind to take the first of his two frames with a very nice colour clearance of 27 points. It's always great fun playing this bunch, regardless of the result, and this evening was no different. Cheers chaps.

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