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Recent Match Reports (for NWN)

Shaw Savages 4 - 4 Southern Comforts Submitted: 12/04/2018
Great night at shaw club again for the postponed match. Steve was on form and beat Eric in both frames Ady and james had a good battle and ended one each Sean and Paul had the same battle and got one each with Paul doing a great comeback in the second frame

ADC 2 - 6 ESP A Submitted: 15/04/2018
ADC v ESP A....1st pair up was Graham Leech v Greg Neil...1st frame Greg was way below his normal form and Graham not missing much took it easily 62-17. 2nd frame things were reversed with Greg back to normal and Graham falling behind Greg taking it 74-37. Next match was Rob Hill against newcomer Josh Bosley. Josh was playing well and Rob not so who was missing numerous pots. Josh took the 1st 42-12. 2nd frame was a closer affair with only the black left Rob was ahead 39-36..serveral attempts by both saw Josh take the black taking the frame 43-39. 3rd pair was Lee Collis against Shaun Amor. Lee was another one below par and Shaun taking it comfortably 54-28. Last frame of the evening Lee was back to normality and easily took the frame 63-9

Crucible S&S Club 5 - 3 Southern Comforts Submitted: 12/04/2018
Coming into the penultimate week of league matches top of the table Crucible entertained Comforts, with Crucible needing 7 points to retain the title. First up was a close match between Andy Bolter (Crucible) v Paul Crutchley (Comforts). Niether player really took the control of the match at any stage with Crutchley taking the first and Bolter responding and taking the second, 1 all. Second match saw the player of the season for the Crucible Chris Rice taken on Sean O Shea. The result was never in doubt for Rice winning comfortably 2- 0 with the help of a 45 break in the first frame. 3-1 Crucible. Third up was Craig Marsh (Crucible) v Stephen Miles (Comforts) agiain this was a match where niether player really got going. Though Marsh dug in a got both frames for Crucible. 5-1 Final match, Paul Davis(Crucible) v Alex Hutchinson. Now this match needed 2 frames from the Crucibles captain to retain the title, though it was not to be with Hutchinson winning both frames on the black 5-3 Crucible. So Crucible go into the final match of the season requiring just a point for another title....

ESP B 1 - 7 Document House Submitted: 15/04/2018
ESP B took on Document House this week with ESP needing points in their battle for 3rd spot in the League and Doc House needing as many points as possible to boost their outside change of the title. It was Doc House who came out on top taking 7 of the 8 points available. Dale Prout and Neil Winkworth won their games against Tim Page and Mark Head respectively, and Jonjo SHarkey took both frames against Steve Cobb. ESP's point came courtesy of Paul Godwin in his first frame against Phil Simmons. Paul took the first frame comfortably and with Phil very much out of sorts, money would have been on him to take the second as well. But Phil had other ideas and was literally a different player in the second frame, potting freely to take the game comfortably and complete the 7-1 win for Doc House.

Newb Cons Club 6 - 2 Shaw Savages Submitted: 13/04/2018
Robin/Adrian. Robin played very well, Andrew wasn't able to compete with Robin's potting. Adrian had several chances in which to pot the balls to even the score. Robin continued to put pressure on Adrian. Robin won both frames 46-5 and 51-15. Dave/Graham. Dave totally out classed Graham in both the frames. Graham unfortuniately wasn't able to pot the balls. Graham had several chances in which to play. Dave won both frames 76-5 and 70-14. Simon/Sean. Either Simon or Sean were on form, both missing some easy balls. Simon took a reasonable lead, Sean slowly came back winning the first frame 62-40. It was totally reversed in the second game where Simon started to play well on ocassions. Sean missed some easy balls, allowing Simon to increase his lead. Simon won the second game 46-28. Mike/Eric. Both players played some very good potting and good safety shots. Michele had very good control of the game, playing some very good safety shots, putting Eric into trouble. Michele won the first frame 62-25. In the second frame Eric dug in, playing some very good snooker. Michele had several times in which to come back. It was all down to Eric, who played some very good snookers at the end, putting Michele into trouble. Eric won the second frame 65-40. It was a very evening of friendly snooker.

Shaw Raiders 5 - 3 Castle A Submitted: 13/04/2018
Shaw Raiders were at home to Castle A in an eagerly awaited match. Once the initial banter was over the game began. Probably nobody thought that all 4 match-ups would end in a very close and entertaining game. The first game saw two silver foxes pitched against one another namely, John Apicella and Roy Young. John was potting well in the first frame and established a lead with Roy not really getting in his stride. John cleared he last 4 balls for a 22 break and ran out a convincing winner 61-13. Roy upped his game in the second frame and with the aid of much improved potting took the frame 50-32. The second match was between Mike Ainsworth and the venerable Rob Thomson. Mike was comfortably in the lead in the first frame but Rob played 4 consecutive snookers and Mike could not respond to them enabling Rob to win the frame 59-51. The second frame was a close affair but Mike was not going to let this go as he triumphed 46-41. So at the halfway stage the match was all square. The third game pitched Bob Low against Dennis Doswell. For various reasons neither player has played in many matches this season and it showed in the first frame which was a low scoring affair with Bob winning 36-30. In the second frame Bob was ahead by 13 with just 2 balls left but Dennis managed to pot both and force a re-spotted black. After a few attempts by both players it was Bob who finally sank the black to take the frame The final match was between Brian Leonard and the high flying Rob East. The first frame was nip and tuck with good scoring but it was Brian who potted the black to win by the narrowest of margins 68-67, a result which earned him "man of the match". The second frame was a low scoring game with Rob winning 38-23. So at the end of the evening Shaw Raiders celebrated a rare win 5-3. Both teams always look forward to meeting up for these matches not only for the games but for the banter, laughs and a really sociable evening. This year was no different.

The OddBalls 4 - 4 Good Bad & Ugly Submitted: 13/04/2018
First up Tony Lyles vs Daniel Brewin. Tony dominated the first as Daniel struggled to pot colours from the reds. However Daniel potted really well in frame 2 taking a good early lead. The reds were open and Tony dug deep to claw back into the frame. A great clearance of 27 by Tony saw him take the frame by a comfortable margin - but it was a lot closer than the score suggests. Next was Macauley Fyffe and Mark Brewin. Mark always seem to hold a 20 lead which was helped by Macca giving away too many fouls. At the end of frame 1 Macca did stage a comeback only for Mark to take the final colours. Similar second frame where Mark dominated. Rob Marks then played Norman Byng. Rob played really well in the first and scored heavily. The second was might tighter thoughout. A scrappy affair where neither player could get a decent lead. Rob tended to hold a small margin, but with Norm needing the final 3 colours Rob looked the favourite. A great blue with the rest by Norm and position on the pink suddenly changed everything. He calmly took out the pink and black to snatch the frame. Well deserved. Finally was Matty Fyffe and Andy Fair. Matty clinched the first in a tight frame, but Andy was stronger in the second and easily won to take the final frame of the match. Final score 4-4. Good game gents!

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